Yumi’s Cells (Season 2)

‘Yumi’s Cells’ returns for Season 2. Actor Kim Go Eun Park Jin Young reveals the viewing points of the work ahead of its first broadcast.

The teasing original series “Yumi’s Cells Season 2” will be released on the 10th. The new chapters are also attracting a lot of interest because of the passionate love for Season 1.

Last season, Yumi (Kim Go-eun) grew even more through her love and breakup with Gu-eun (Ahn Bo-hyun). In Season 2, Yumi will be shown moving toward her dreams. Kim Go-eun said, “The drama will also depict the process of Yumi’s new love and the important choices she has to make in her life. It will include Yumi’s growth process as she becomes able to make courageous choices,” he said. He continued, “Rather than trying to show Yumi in a particularly different way amidst her changes, I tried to express her as Yumi by following the flow of the story and her emotions closely. The change in relationship with Bobby (Park Jin-young), who used to be her colleague, and the excitement will be Sam’s crush. Kim Go-eun said of Park Jin-young, with whom she breathed together, “We met for the first time through ‘Yumi’s Cells,’ but he approached me so effortlessly, like a friend who has known me for a long time, and we seemed to become close immediately in a short time. Thank you so much.” He added, “Actor Park Jin-young’s greatest charm is his deer-in-the-headlights look. It was a look that made it possible for Yumi and Bobby to immerse themselves immediately in their emotions,” he revealed.

Kim Go-eun mentioned the writer cell as a cell to look forward to in Season 2. He explained, “The writer’s cell will play a big role in the process of Yumi’s efforts to fulfill her dreams. That’s how much more heart goes into it,” he explained. Finally, Kim Go-eun said, “Season 1 received a lot of love, and the actors and staff did their best to live up to that expectation. I hope you will enjoy watching the show and feel a lot of sympathy and comfort.

Park Jin-young, who played the role of Bobby, said, “It seems that in Season 2, we will see a different type of love formula from Season 1. I’m sure we’ll see a different type of romance in Season 2 than Season 1,” she said. She added, “I hope that you will see Yumi’s gradual growth through her encounter with Bobby.

Park Jin-yeon even exudes a hidden charm that he has not been able to show, raising his crush quotient. He explained, “Yubabi has a sensitive charm and is always a thinking person,” adding, “I didn’t put a big differentiation between him and Bobby in Season 1, but he was a relatively fragmented character because in the beginning, we didn’t know if Bobby would have any thoughts. He seemed to be represented by a person. In Season 2, we struggled to express more three-dimensional emotions as he went through several incidents,” he explained.

The chemistry between Kim Go-eun and Park Jin-young is also an essential point to watch. Park Jin-young expressed his gratitude to Kim Go-eun. He made me laugh and thanks to him, I relied on him a lot for the filming,” she revealed.

Season 2 will also feature Bobby’s cell village. Park Jin-young also said that he enjoyed every time he saw the cute appearance of the cells. He then listed the cells in the house among Yumi’s cells as his beloved cells. He continued, “The dimness of the cell in the house was cute. It was cute to see him just hehehe laughing without doing anything,” he said, revealing the reason for this. Finally, Park Jin-young said, “I give my greetings of thanks to everyone who has been waiting for our drama for so long. I have no doubt that you believe in us”.

Yumi’s Cell Season 2″ will meet twice every Friday at 4pm. The first and second times will be shown independently on the upcoming 10th teeving.

Title: 유미의 세포들 2 / Yumi’s Cells (Season 2)
Genre: Psychological, Romantic
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2022-June-17 to 2022-July-30
Air time: Friday & Saturday 22:50
Related Series: Yumi’s Cells


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