Yumi's Cells (2021)

“Wake up, cells. It’s time to work!” “I can hear the voice of the worker ant cell. Yumi’s cell has become busy again. Yumi’s Cell, which was completed last November, will be visiting us from the 12th with a special edition of Yumi’s Cell: A Professional Company Employee, which is a response to this preliminary recharge. It is a six-part series that will be released every Thursday night late at the Neighbor Weptun on “Friday Weptun”.

“Yumi’s Cell” is a story about the daily life and love of Yumi, a company employee in her 30s, expressed through the eyes of a cell in her head. There are many works that deal with women’s work and love, but this one is considered groundbreaking in that it uses a quirky material called a cell. All the cells in Yumi’s head work for the happiness of the one and only Yumi. When Yumi thinks, all the cells in her head are rolling a millstone. The “love cell” goes into a coma whenever Yumi breaks up with her lover. Yumi is hungry because the “hungry cells” eat more and more. It recorded a cumulative hit of 32 cubes as of the 12th.

The returning cells gather strength to help Yumi become a professional company employee. The side of Neighbor Weptun said to Hankyoreh on the 12th, “The previous content focused on daily life and love, and the extra part will emphasize Yumi’s appearance as a company employee. He also said, “I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to the anecdotes that may occur in real company life.

This special edition began with the dimension of Yumi’s cell in exchange for the one created in the drama. <Yumi’s Cell will be released simultaneously on September 17 on TVN and online video service (OTT) Bing. Gim Go Eun will appear as Yumi, and Ahn Bo Hyun, Reason Bee, Park Ji Hyun, and others will also appear. It will showcase a new format that combines live-action and 3D animation, which is rare for a drama. Gim Go Eun’s short hair like Yumi’s and Ahn Bo Hyun’s similar clothes as Go Eun was spotted by fans filming the drama and shared on social media (SNS) to attract attention.


  • Drama: Yumi’s Cells
  • Native Title: 유미의 세포들
  • Also Known As: Yumiui Sepodeul , Yumieui Sepodeul
  • Screenwriter: Song Jae Jung, Kim Yoon Joo, Kim Kyung Ran
  • Director: Lee Sang Yeob
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 14
  • Release date: Sep 17, 2021 – Oct 30, 2021
  • Airs On: Friday, Saturday
  • Original Network: tvN
  • Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older
  • Stars: Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Yoo Bi, Park Ji Hyun