Youtuber Class Season 2 (2021) Review


In “Youtuber Class Season 2”, Jae-chan plays the role of Bo-Hyun, who suddenly transfers to school due to his father’s business problems after turning 3rd in high school, and shows more mature acting. It’s not easy to adjust to the rural school where he transferred, but Jae-chan, who suffers hardships because of his friends who avoid him, is expected to attract attention by showing his skillful acting again in this web drama.

“Youtuber Class Season 2” is a web drama depicting the story of a child Bo-Hyeon, who transfers to a school in the country?! But this school is… unusual. “What I want to learn, that I learn. I’m curious about that.” Yuhaol, who already has 1 million subscribers; Bohyun, number 1 in all schools, and Hyuk, a beauty YouTuber. Three people who never got together and a no-jam teacher come together to create a class that never existed in the world?!

Following Jae-chan, Kim Tae-young, Lee Ji-won, and Kim Sang-woo are cast, and expectations are rising as to what kind of story the four different characters will tell in “Youtuber Class Season 2”.

Jae-chan, who showed off his smooth acting skills in the web dramas ‘No Going Back Romance’, ‘Can You Deliver Time?’, and ‘I:LOVE:DM’, has shown potential not only as an idol but also as an actor, and is being reborn as an all-round entertainer. Bohyun (Jae-chan), “There’s nothing I want to do…” Will it change if I go to college? go to work? I do not know. Although he is a model student who is also ranked first in the entire school, the question of finding what he wants to do is only difficult for Bohyun.

“I’m not going to college, am I going to be a YouTuber?” Yuhaol is a high school student, but already has 1 million subscribers on YouTube. “I am satisfied with the fame and profits that I have received from a young age. But  Yuhaol can’t remember what I liked.” She said.

“For me, the eyeliner is sharp, and the blusher is cheap!” Hyuk, who dreams of becoming a Youtuber, is tired of being told what kind of makeup you are and that you should study. “However, I don’t want to give up my favorite makeup because of what other people say,” he said.

‘”The class. I’ll take it.” 0% gag success rate! He is also called ‘No Jam Teacher’, but Jaemin wants to be a good teacher. One day, Yuhaol’s application for a class changes Jaemin’s school life.

I think that as a new era begins, a new culture begins. In that sense, I think “Youtuber Class Season 2” in these schools are also essential classes for the future. I think this web drama will show realistic school life in the future.


  • Drama: Youtuber Class Season 2
  • Related Content: Youtuber Class (Korean prequel)
  • Native Title: 유튜버 클라쓰 시즌2
  • Also Known As: Youtuber Class 2, 유튜버클라쓰 2, 유튜버클라쓰2
  • Genres: School, Youth
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 4
  • Airs: Oct 17, 2021 – ?
  • Airs On: Sunday
  • Original Network: Naver TV Cast
  • Duration: 10 min.