Your World Without Me (2021) Review


“Your World Without Me”, by director Liu Weiheng, and Zhang Yuhao, Xue Haojing leading role, Yu, Guanhong, Dobujie, Lu Ye starring in a support role, adapted from the true story of Sichuan Hailuogou Abu romantic pure love film ” If you don’t have me in your world”. The teaser takes the encounter between Abu (Zhang Yuhao) and Luo Yao (Xue Haojing) as a guide, unveiling the sweet love journey between the two from the first encounter in the mountains to the city, from love at first sight under the most beautiful starry sky to running to each other in both directions.

At the same time, with the trailer along with the exposure of a set of romantic and fresh golden posters, happy and sweet love atmosphere lingering between them, beautiful scenery and beauty complement each other, romantic and pure love atmosphere sense. It is reported that the film will be released on December 3, the national theater, in the cold early winter, and pure love to meet, with the people around the most loved immersed in the purest romantic starry sky love under the snowy mountains of Gongga.

Love at first sight under the most beautiful starry sky. Zhang Yuhao Xue Haojing performs the ultimate romantic pure love. The film released the “Your World Without Me” trailer, which reveals the core plot of the film for the first time. Under the question of “Who are you waiting for?”, the love between Abu and Luo Yao in the starry sky cabin is slowly unfolded: the love at first sight when they first met in Hailuogou, the romantic firefly kiss after they confirmed their feelings for each other, the cheering on the swing in the mountains and the sweetness of riding a car together in the city.

In the rain, the two of them are in a hut on a rainy night, carefully touching and guarding each other, but also the first love of ignorance and youthfulness and the beauty of pure manifestation. In the end, the two of them also made a romantic promise in the dazzling starry sky: “Don’t forget the starry sky, I’ll wait for you in Ruo Ding Mountain”, which is touching.

These romantic places, the Hailuogou “Abu’s Ruo Ding Mountain” outdoor travel enthusiasts will not be unfamiliar, “your world if not me” maybe you and I around the youth story is happening, the ultimate pure romance, coupled with the beauty of the Hailuogou accompanied by the unity of people and scenery, fresh and moving pure love story is definitely worth looking forward to. The story of pure love is definitely worth waiting for.


  • Movie: Your World Without Me
  • Native Title: 你的世界如果没有我
  • Also Known As: Ni De Shi Jie Ru Guo Mei You Wo, 你的世界如果沒有我, If you don’t have me in your world
  • Genres: Romance, Melodrama
  • Country: China
  • Release Date: Nov 12, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 35 min.

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