Your Playlist (2021) Review


“Your Playlist” is a new concept music drama and teen growth drama that unravel the stories between the secret composer, fans, and friends along with the music representing each episode through SNS music playlists. In addition to the sensuous visual beauty, SNS friendliness, and high-quality music, it contains the tastes of the MZ generation as it is.

ASTRO’s Yoon Sanha and Dream Note’s Sumin, who are active as K-pop idol singers, are active as the main characters of “Your Playlist” and are receiving favorable reviews from the production team from the shooting site. The two plan to solidify their position as leading actors through this “Your Playlist”. Actor and model Han Ki-chan, actors Kim Ji-hoon and Han Seoul from Mnet’s ‘ProduceX101’ formed a solid lineup for “Your Playlist” together with Yoon San-ha and Sumin.

“Your Playlist” was born in a comprehensive plan that can spread to global fandom contents such as music sources, online fan meetings, and digital goods following the web drama. BY4M, in charge of production, participated in the planning and production of high-quality content such as webtoons and sound source OSTs, and Hello Live, a co-producer and developer of Hello Live, a global digital live fandom content platform for K-pop artists, the spread was planned.

“Your playlist” depicts the friendship story between a secret composer, a fan, and friends through an SNS music playlist. It is a new concept music drama that unravels the story with the music representing each episode, and it contains the taste of the MZ generation by adding sensuous images, the friendliness of SNS, and high-quality sound sources.

Kim Ji-hoon takes on the role of Yoo Dong-hoo, a sophomore at Myeongseong High School. Yoo Dong-hoo (Kim Ji-hoon) is the only SNS secret account follower of Ha-Eun (Park Sumin), who is very popular at school, and always gives warm comfort with a selection of songs that read Ha-Eun’s heart. He appears as a character who is welcomed everywhere not only with his warm visuals but also with his exemplary school life.

Yoon San-ha takes on the role of Big Daddy, a popular idol in the drama, portraying a powerful and friendly power insider. He first appears as a transfer student at Myeongseong High School at the beginning of the play, and falls in love at first sight with Ha-Eun (Park Sumin), the class leader, as a character who confesses his heart without hiding.

Han Gi Chan takes on the role of Cha Ji-Yeong, a sophomore at Myeongseong High School, and shows the image of a young man who is genuinely in love more than anyone else and is struggling between friendships with his best friend like a brother. Although he looks thorough, he is a character with a subtle sloppy beauty, and he plays an active role in the role of announcing the start of a full-fledged story by opening the door to the play.

Ha-Eun is 18 years old who best suits the word perfect. Ha-Eun, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has an attractive appearance, good hair, and a righteous personality. It can be said that she has everything.  There are people who like Ha-Eun and hate Ha-Eun, but that’s one in a normal human relationship. If someone approaches her and feels her love feelings, her story is different.  Ha-Eun blocks the opponent coldly with a colder appearance than dry ice.  The opponent who approaches Ha-Eun’s cold appearance often gets hurt and gives up.

Jo Min-sook is an executive of Big Daddy’s fan club ‘Big Daddy’, who likes Big Daddy (Yoon San Ha) to the point of fainting when he accidentally returns to high school Min-sook’s class.  From that day on, she helps, protects, and supports him, both physically and mentally, so that he does not have any difficulties in school.  She has an ambitious personality who can do whatever Big Daddy wants. However, Min-sook’s tenacity makes Ha-Eun more and more powerful.


  • Drama: Your Playlist
  • Native Title: 너의 재생목록
  • Also Known As: Neoui Jaesaengmoglog
  • Genres: Music, Youth
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 10
  • Airs: Oct 15, 2021 – ?
  • Airs On: Friday