‘Wonder Woman’ Lee Ha-nui Lee Sang-yoon super-close hug, a flash-burning romance air current

‘Wonder Woman’ Lee Ha-nui and Lee Sang-yoon’s super-close hug two-shots were captured

In the 5th episode of SBS gilt drama One the Woman (directed by Choi Young-hoon / playwright Kim Yoon / production Gil Pictures), a chewy development was unfolded in which the supporting actor (Lee Ha-nui) was convinced of his identity as a gangster and a fraudster, and the sense of crisis was heightened by the suspicion of Han Sung-hye (Jin Seo-yeon). In the meantime, the supporting actor recalled Han Seung-wook and raised expectations for the romance of the two people with the appearance of “I am so crazy about looking nice, but the game is over.” However, the story was developed with the reversal of Kang Myung-guk (Jung In-gi), the father of the supporting actor, as the criminal of the Hanju fashion arson incident that drove Han Kang-sik, the father of Han Seung-wook, to death in the epilogue.

In this regard, Lee Ha-nui and Lee Sang-yoon are taking their eyes off the ‘super-close hug to shot’ that surrounds each other in the middle of the street. A scene in which a han seung-wook embraces a supporting actor to prevent a dangerous situation that suddenly occurred. As the delivery motorcycle passes quickly toward the two people walking side by side on the night, Hansung-book reflexively pulls the supporting actor toward him and looks at the passing motorcycle. In an instant, the supporting actor, who is close to the Han Seung-wook, stares at the Han Seung-ook with his eyes frozen and rounded, and the Han Seung-wook also looks embarrassed as he moves his gaze to the supporting actor. In the situation where I met the reef of 14 years ago, I am curious about how the relationship between the two will flow.

Lee Ha-nui and Lee Sang-Yoon are also attracting a lot of support from viewers by showing a stronger chemistry with the full-scale combination of the supporting actor and Han Seung-wook in the drama. At the scene of the super-close hug to shot, the two also raised their expectations by working together to study various poses for beautiful scenes that build up the narratives of supporting actors and Han Seung-wook in the play. Above all, I realized the expression of the intersection of embarrassment and excitement, and completed the two-shot like a picture, causing the automatic smile of the field staff.