Wisher (2021) Review


“Wishes” is a sci-fi suspense drama that focuses on an app called Wisher, which appears without warning on the cell phones of a group of college students, and by making a wish to it and completing a simple task randomly assigned, the wish will come true. These young people could not resist the temptation, as if they had signed up with the devil, and became dominoes under the control of their desires.

Behind all this, are controlled by a mysterious organization, then the people behind the purpose of what is doing this thing, everything is not yet known, everything is in the fog, and the devil signed behind the mention of what, then how to get rid of this desire temptation, may only do not touch to lower their desires, with their own ability to achieve what they want is the most correct party.

In the newly released concept drama, with a knock on the door, Feng Shaofeng (as Nado), Wen Qi (as Lu Li), Fan Chengcheng (as Qiu Wendong), Guo Zifan (as Xi Lei), Shao Bing (as Qiu Kefan) and Yang Rong (as Wang Priscilla) open the door one after another, with different expressions, either surprised, serious or determined. But the next second, the “eyes up to kill” will be the sense of crisis revealed. Who is the visitor, a guest? Or the enemy? People instantly anticipation value soared.

It is worth mentioning that the image of the main actor Feng Shaofeng in the short film, netizens will cry out for subversion. The dark skin, unkempt, black-rimmed glasses under the eyes reveal vigilance and suspicion, making the role of Nado intriguing. Feng Shaofeng as Nado in the eyes of outsiders is a sophisticated “senior” journalist, but secretly to the pen name “over a thousand mountains” to reveal the truth behind the news. Wen Qi, who won an award with “Blood Goddess”, plays the role of Lu Li, the rebellious girl who is the half-sister of Nado, and in the short film of the concept of the line-up, Wen Qi attracts the audience’s curiosity about her role as Lu Li.

The company has also given us a surprise this time, breaking away from its established image as a sunny idol to play the cool-headed student body president Qiu Wendong, raising his eyes in a mysterious atmosphere. The popular actor Guo Zifan plays the role of Xi Lei, a secondary youth, whose eyes are full of curiosity and amazement at the unknown when he opens the door. In addition, the strength of the actors Shao Bing, Yang Rong’s appearance, also makes the drama watchpoint multiplied.

The main body of the stills focuses on the eyes, visually showing the psychological state of several major characters in the drama, and different characters, combined with the concept of the short film, the audience more curious about the content of the drama.

The story is set on the basis of suspense and blends the adventure and light science fiction elements that young people love, fresh and sensational, breaking the genre boundaries and audience barriers of traditional suspense drama. At the same time, the twelve-episode short series of “Wisher” is about to put an end to the era of “watching dramas at double speed” for young viewers, bringing them a fast-paced drama experience without watering down.


  • Drama: Wisher
  • Native Title: 致命愿望
  • Also Known As: Light on Series, Fatal Wish, Zhi Ming Yuan Wang, Wei Shi Zhe Xie Hui, 喂食者协会, 致命願望
  • Screenwriter & Director: Yang Miao
  • Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 12
  • Airs: Nov 3, 2021 – ?
  • Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Duration: 40 min.