Who's By Your Side (2021) Review


“Who’s by your side” is produced, directed, and screenplay by director He Rundong. Xu Ruoxuan is also the producer and starring role, and Chang Chun Ning, Zhuang Kaixun, and Chen Enfeng starring. Through the sisters Xu Ruoxuan and Chang Chun Ning, who share childhood traumatic memories, each laughs at their sad daily life and faces their own marital problems, presenting the darkness and light in the depths of human nature.

The story explores the various relationship issues and challenges faced in marriage and presents the cruel dilemmas faced by the characters with daily life descriptions. There may be some kind of “introspective” in everyone’s heart, which may cause inferiority, vulnerability, and escape, but in the end, you still have to rely on yourself to get out of the haze and see the light of life.

Xu Ruoxuan as Yong Jie, who is a very strong, optimistic, and kind-hearted ordinary wife and mother. In the drama, Yong Jie’s mantra is: “There is always a solution to things.” Xu Ruoxuan felt deeply: ” People often forget that they still have the ability to love others when they are very unhappy, and it is easy to overlook that the people around them actually love you very much. It is often only when they are lost that they can understand or understand all of this! Each in this drama, the characters have different levels of regret. We hope to convey to everyone that we must cherish the people around us!”

Chang Chun Ning and Chen Enfeng act as a loving couple in the drama. They are the perfect couple in the eyes of outsiders, but they are facing a crisis of trust. For the role of Yong Qi, Zhang Junning thinks she is a very direct and brave girl. Even if love fails, she will still fall into it and continue to give in love very hard, but besides the full of confidence, she has a fragile side. Because of insecurity, when faced with the choice of trust, she may take the wrong step. Chang Chun Ning said: “Yong Qi gives me the feeling is that I feel that life is very short, regardless of boys and girls, should be more courageous to live their way.”

Zhuang Kaixun and Xu Ruoxuan partner play husband and wife, from sweet intercourse, married, have the daughter, the family of three had a happy time, until the business and family had trouble and became desperate. Zhuang Kaixun said: “‘Zhi Sheng’ is the most oriented and complete character I have ever played. I really like it! The first time I heard the director talk to me about the script, I was so touched that I cried. Thank you very much. Director He Rundong asked me to perform this role, and even when it was finished, I was reluctant to leave ‘Zhi Sheng’ immediately because he was so fresh! You can see that Zhisheng later suffered a lot in the play and had to face life and death, reflect on their own, and have many of the skills needed to do a lot of the reality of the helpless. He’s a step by step on the road to self-examination, holds out hope for redemption.”

I believe that after watching this drama, many people will find their own counterparts in the drama and find empathy or comfort in it.


  • Drama: Who’s By Your Side
  • Native Title: 誰在你身邊
  • Also Known As: Shei Zai Ni Shen Bian, Seui Joi Nei San Bin, 谁在你身边
  • Screenwriter & Director: Peter Ho
  • Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Episodes: 10
  • Airs: Oct 3, 2021 – Dec 5, 2021
  • Airs On: Sunday
  • Duration: 50 min.