Where to find the best vegetarian food in Bangkok

Whether you’re a full-time vegetarian or looking for a fun vegan food fair, now is the perfect time to get your vegan on. Here’s where to find the best food throughout the Vegetarian Festival 2021 in Bangkok.

Every year, we come together to celebrate the joy of a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Every corner in Bangkok turns itself into a paradise for meatless eaters. It can be quite overwhelming for beginners, but no big deal, we’ll fill you in. Here’s your ultimate guide to enjoying the sensation of the vegan food parade in Bangkok during this 10-day festival.

[Hero Image Credit: Sava All Day Dining; Featured Image Credit: Vistro Bangkok]

Image Credit: PARQ Life


PARQ Life has teamed up with many leading fusion restaurants, F&B outlets, and vegetarian eateries to celebrate the Vegetarian Festival 2021 in Bangkok. You can indulge in a vast selection of vegetarian dishes at their retail space under the ‘Life Well Balanced’ concept. From vegan tempeh soba noodles to vegetarian sushi burrito, definitely also keep an eye out for their special promotions, too.

More info: PARQ Life

Image Credit: Veganerie


Make your way to Veganerie for the ultimate vegan fiesta. This vegan haven offers over 150 premium vegan dishes that all carnivores and vegans alike can feast on without compromising on protein sources. They’ve got you covered with all kinds of comfort food so there’s no need to hold back on your cravings either. Besides the vegan Thai delights, the vegan barbecue pulled pork burger and avocado toast with crispy vegan bacon are definitely worth checking out. Don’t leave without trying the vegan skinny cookies, too.

More info: Veganerie

Image Credit: Sava All Day Dining

Sava All Day Dining

Sava All Day Dining is re-opening for dine-in service and welcomes the Vegetarian Festival 2021 with 10 must-try vegan dishes. These include the vegan versions of the restaurant’s best-sellers as well as brand-new additional dishes. Our recommendations are rice topped with stir-fried crispy textured vegetable protein with salt and chili, and fried Rice with Chinese kale and crispy tofu skin.

More info: Sava All Day Dining

Image of vegan food for where to dine for this vegetarian festival 2021 article
Image Credit: Vistro Bangkok

Vistro Bangkok

Voted as Thailand’s best plant-based restaurant last year, Vistro Bangkok fills the missing gap in the city’s herbivore scene and serves up vegan fare inspired by several cuisines around the world. This small oasis is perfect for making the most out of the Vegetarian Festival 2021. We’re already eyeing their Sukhothai-style vegan tom yum noodles.

More info: Vistro Bangkok

Image of vegan food for where to dine for this vegetarian festival 2021 article
Image Credit: Baan Somtum

Baan Somtum

Don’t worry about having to take a break from bold flavours in order to enjoy vegan delights. Especially for those who are looking to spice up vegan meals with intense Thai flavours, Baan Som Tum is calling you. They’re offering a wide array of vegan authentic Thai food and huge varieties of vegan papaya salad. If you’re worried that you’re taking in excessive carbs during this time, these dishes can be your maintenance diet and ward off that anxiety too.

More info: Baan Somtum

Image of vegan food for where to dine for this vegetarian festival 2021 article
Image Credit: Khun Churn Vegetarian

Khun Churn Vegetarian

Khun Churn Vegetarian won’t even have you thinking about meat. They are pulling in the local veggie crowd with their signatures exclusively for the Vegetarian Festival 2021. Whether you go for the braised tofu, white fingerroot chilli dip with a vegetable platter, or tom yum noodle, these home-cooked vegetarian dishes are just full of deliciousness.

More info: Khun Churn Vegetarian

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