US: flights canceled, school classes delayed: Omicron pushing record highs

People who flew home from their holidays had their flights canceled or delayed in the first week of the new year because of the pandemic.

FlightAware data shows that more than 2,500 U.S. flights and more than 4,100 worldwide were canceled on Sunday, 2.

Many airlines started blaming COVID-19 infections in flight crews for staffing shortages.

On Saturday, a winter storm hit the Midwest, making Chicago the worst place in the country for people to go.

This week, many schools in the United States have postponed or switched to online learning since the Omicron variant has set new records.

Most urban school districts in New Jersey, which has had some of the highest case rates of any state in recent weeks, have deployed virtual classrooms.

Since staff members are getting sick, more than 70,000 kids will be required to learn online instead of in person at Milwaukee’s public schools. There are no classes at Cleveland’s schools, and Detroit has canceled classrooms until further notice.

During the first few days of 2022, many parents have been looking for child care because of school disruptions, making the first few days of the new year even more chaotic than they already were.

According to a Reuters count, the number of new COVID-19 cases has more than doubled in the last seven days.

It is far more contagious than previous versions, but data suggests that Omicron may not be as bad as Delta, which swamped hospitals in 2021.


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