Upcoming Korean Movie In April 2022

1. Mother Dearest

Release Date: Apr 2022

“I’m over forty, but to my mother, I’m still a three-year-old!”

Mother and son who got separated from adoption decided to live together for the first time in 40 years. This is because his mother is about to die. While his natural appearance and personality are exactly the same, everything else is completely different. In fact, they are foreigners to each other. However, to compensate for the time they lived apart, he goes back to his childhood. On the other hand, resentment towards each other grows because of the pain engraved in each other’s hearts. It is uncertain how much time is left between the two, but there are still a lot of things to do while they’re together.

2. Great Contract: Paju, Book, City

Release Date: Apr 2022

In the past, there were those who dreamed of a city for books when publishing was suppressed. And as architects who wanted to find a new architecture to join their dream, they create the world’s only eco-city for books in an abandoned swamp near the military border of Paju. The story of a future book and cultural city dreaming of peaceful reunification and a 30-year process called ‘Great Contract: Paju, Book, City’.

The main poster released on this day catches the eye by showing off the aspect of a distinctive architectural city surrounded by greenery. The panoramic view of the city from the sky raises the charm of the publishing city to its fullest and adds to the curiosity of the film. As a people-oriented city established by the private sector for the first time in Korea, the poster creates a special atmosphere of the city that has not been seen anywhere else.

Paju Book City is in harmony with nature, as there are no buildings with more than four floors due to the 15m height restriction due to local characteristics. In addition to the green areas scattered throughout, the appearance of the buildings with the individual styles of the architects reminds us of the practice of communality, the catchphrase of this city construction.

3. Haruki Urakai

Release Date: Apr 2022

It tells the story of Man Ok, who was writing a script due to the burden of her next work, one day, passing through Hong Kong in 1986 and entering Mokpo in 2022 and meeting Yeo Myeong there again to learn the true meaning of making a movie.

4. School Caste

Release Date: Apr 2022

Director Kwak Kyung-Taek, who opened a new horizon in the Korean film industry through the movie ‘Friends’ and made a significant mark by directing large films since then, catches the megaphone of ‘School Caste’, which turned his attention to school this time.

Kwak Kyung-Taek’s short film ‘School Caste’, a short film directed by Kwak Kyeong-taek that penetrates the emotions of Koreans with realistic material, is about an aspiring writer Je-ah, who observing the students of her high school, discovers that a class similar to the caste system in India exists, and one day she encounters shocking facts about herself through Ha-neul, whom she did not know well.

In particular, actor Jo Byung-gyu appears in ‘School Caste’, adding strength to the film. Curious about what kind of acting transformation Jo Byung-gyu will show in this movie, he has been active in numerous box office hits such as the dramas ‘The Uncanny Counter’, ‘Hot Stove League’, and ‘Sky Castle’. Accordingly, attention is also focused on the synergy that will be created by the meeting between director Kwak Kyung-taek, a legend in Korean film history, and Jo Byung-gyu.


5. It’s Alright

Release Date: Apr 2022

A dark comedy divided into six stories about various prevalent social groups in the COVID-19 era.

Lee Ji-ah will appear in ‘It’s Alright’ (working title), the debut short film of PD Joo Dong-min, who worked with the SBS drama ‘Penthouse’ series. With the appearance of the actors Kim So-yeon, Bong Tae-gyu, Shin Eun-kyung, Um Ki-joon, Yoon Jong-hoon, and Yoon Ju-hee.


6. Rustle

Release Date: Apr 2022

Director Cho Hyun-cheol’s short film ‘Rustle’ is a story that depicts the mysterious things that Se Young, a woman goes through while trying to find out the reason for the breakup of a couple Hyun-cheol and Mi-jin.

Here, Jo Hyun-cheol challenges multiplayer as a director and actor. While directing the entire filming site, he plays the role of Hyun-cheol in the play and communicates with the public. Chun Woo-hee joins as Se-yeong, who is looking for the reason for Hyun-cheol’s breakup, and it is expected that the public’s attention will once again be focused on the meeting of two people who are known for their crazy acting skills.


7. Wolves

Release Date: Apr 2022

‘Wolves’ is a hard-boiled action movie between a detective and a gangster chasing a serial killer. Actors Oh Jong-hyeok, Lee Han-wi, Park Ki-duk, Jung Eui-wook, Bae Soo-hee, Seong-chan, and Chun-shik appeared as a team, a military survival program ‘Steel Force’, where reservists from the most elite special forces team up and fight for the honor of each unit.

In the music video, while the theme song ‘Till I Die’ is playing, Do Hoon (Oh Jong-hyuk), the second-in-command of the Yakuza organization active in Jeju Island, punishes the Goryeo Mafia members who invaded their territory and declares a bloody war. Around that time, when an incident of women being victimized by a serial killer occurred, the police launched an extensive investigation, including a detective dispatched from Seoul. Meanwhile, the revenge of the Goryeo Mafia, who was struck by Do-Hun, begins, and the daughter of the Yakuza boss is kidnapped, and the case is caught in an uncontrollable whirlpool. All of these contents perfectly harmonize with the beautiful scenery and songs of Jeju Island, raising expectations for the film.


8. Spring Day

Release Date: Apr 2022

Contents Panda, a publisher, confirmed the release of Son Hyun-joo’s new work ‘Spring Day’ in April on the 17th and released a teaser poster. ‘Spring Day’ is a movie that depicts the story of a young brother Ho-seong (Son Hyeon-joo), who was once successful, but now gets involved in an impossible case while trying to make a big money out of his father’s funeral at his father’s funeral, where he gathered all the people he knew.

In the released teaser poster, Son Hyun-joo’s bright expression with a smile catches the eye. The copy, ‘Older brother, who was once good, will the spring days of my life come again?’ raises expectations by foretelling that Son Hyeon-joo will show a new character that has never been shown in the movie ‘Spring Day’. In addition, the background of the poster conveys the warm sympathetic message of the movie with the atmosphere of spring that is approaching. The copy of ‘second prime’ blends with the title ‘Spring Day’ to convey its meaning more deeply.


9. Toxic

Release Date: Apr 2022

The true story of the humidifier disinfectant disaster in the movie ‘Air Murder’ is the worst chemical disaster in the history of Korea, recorded as the world’s first environmental health incident due to the abuse of chemicals among household items in which one million victims of lung diseases one after another. The humidifier sterilizer was the first and only product in the world to be launched in Korea and sold about 10 million bottles, establishing itself as a household necessity.

The teaser trailer for ‘Murder in the Air’, which has been released, shows the truth of a non-substantial murder weapon that has been around for 17 years with a screen full of urgency and composition. Various incidents and sharp confrontations such as the sudden death of a family member and the conspiracy of people who want to reveal it and a company that tries to hide it raises curiosity.

The movie ‘Air Murder’ depicts a struggle to uncover the reality of the disease of death that appears in spring and disappears in summer. Actor Kim Sang-kyung plays the role of Jeong Tae-hoon, a doctor who loses his wife to unknown lung disease and puts even his son at risk.


10. I Want to Know Your Parents

Release Date: Apr 2022

“I Want to Know Your Parents” (Director Kim Ji-hoon, Produced by Tertower Pictures and Fox International Production Korea) is about the name of four people left in a letter from a student who kills himself, and parents trying to cover up the case for their children who were pointed out as the perpetrators. It is a film depicting the ugly bare faces of these people.

It is a film adaptation of the original play of the same name, ‘I miss your parents’ faces,’ and it is attracting attention as a differentiated attempt to draw the subject of school violence, which is in contact with the present age, from the perspective of the perpetrator. Director Kim Ji-hoon, who has been loved by various genres and fresh materials such as ‘Sinkhole’, ‘Tower’, and ‘Glamorous Vacation’, will be directing, raising expectations as he plans to present a new resolution work that is different from the works he has shown so far.


11. Stellar: A Magical Ride

Release Date: Apr 6, 2022

‘Stellar: A Magical Ride’ is a comedy film depicting the story of Young-bae, who rides his father’s only legacy, Stella, and struggles to find the lost supercar. Director Kwon Soo-kyung, who previously directed ‘Barefoot Ki-bong’ (2006) and ‘Brother’ (2016), made a fresh attempt to put the junk car Stella at the forefront of the car chase.

If the borrower cannot repay the debt, Young-bae makes a living by seizing the vehicle instead of the loan shark. No matter how much the debtor clings to him, he steals the car without looking at his approval, but his best friend Dong-sik (Lee Kyu-hyung) steals a 300 million won supercar and is chased by the owner of the car, CEO Seo.

Hearing the death of his father (Jeon No-min), who had been living with his back all his life, he goes back to his hometown, but the president Seo and his gang come to clean up Youngbae. Young-bae eventually runs away because of Seo, who does not listen to him no matter how much he tells him that he does not know. Stella, which his father, who was a taxi driver, had kept for a long time.


12. Yaksha: Ruthless Operations

Release Date: Apr 8, 2022

In Shenyang, China, the biggest battleground for spies, the spy action movie ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’, which depicts the breathtaking battle between the black team in charge of secret operations of the NIS led by ‘Kang In’, the special inspection prosecutor, and the intelligence agencies of each country, shows the stills of the black team agents that stand out with a fresh combination.

Nicknamed after a human-devouring spirit, the ruthless leader of an overseas black ops team takes up a dangerous mission in a city riddled with spies. Kang In leads a secret NIS operation team in Shenyang, China. His nickname is Yacha, which refers to a fierce ghost who harasses or kills people. Kang In is cold-blooded man. He achieves his objectives by using any means necessary.

Meanwhile, Ji Hoon is a prosecutor in the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. He follows the law no matter what. He gets demoted to Shenyang, China. There, Ji Hoon comes up against Kang In.

Director Na Hyun’s spy action movie ‘Yacha’, which is expected to be a breathtaking battle between spies from around the world in an exotic space, a hot synergy from actors full of personality, and a further upgraded action.


13. Take Care of Mother

Release Date: Apr 13, 2022

‘Take Care of Mother’ is a human family drama depicting the choice of an 85-year-old woman who is caught between a son who plays a filial son and a caregiver who plays a family costume. With the proposition of a family like a family and people like a family, we discuss whether we live together because we are a family or whether we are a family because we live together, and to be honest, it tells the story of the birth of a new family through the inner circumstances of many families.

The movie ‘Take Care of Mother’, based on an unconventional episode that takes place between families, conveys realistic emotions that can be resonated with in the traditional Korean parent-child relationship.

The warm gaze towards the alternative family and the provocative and unconventional proposal for the tradition of the duty of support show a new perspective on the form of the family. It makes us look back on the parent-child relationship entangled in the issue of support in an aging society, and at the same time, consider the true meaning of the family in our society.


14. Anchor

Release Date: Apr 20, 2022

‘Anchor’ is a mystery thriller film depicting the bizarre things that happened to her after receiving a phone call from Sera, the anchor of her broadcasting station, asking her to report directly that someone was going to kill her.

Chun Woo-hee plays the main news anchor ‘Sera’, who receives a phone call predicting death five minutes before the live broadcast, and Shin Ha-kyun takes on the role of ‘In-ho’, the doctor and the spirit of the dead informant. Lee Hye-young breaks down as her mother ‘So-jeong’, who is obsessed with her daughter’s main news anchor position, showing her unrivaled charisma and deep acting.

At the NOW ‘Anchor’ (director Jung Ji-yeon) movie launching show, which was held online on the afternoon of the 28th, director Jung Ji-yeon said, “Ms. Hye-young Lee’s unique aura is the role of ‘So-jeong’, a slightly extraordinary mother who is particularly obsessed with her daughter’s anchor position and is oriented to success. It was perfect. “I had the belief that she would do a great job with any weak and sensitive parts behind it,” she said.