Upcoming Chinese Movie In March 2022

1. Puffer Rhapsody

Release Date: Mar 1, 2022

Luo Su (Susu), a 20-something Chinese white-collar worker from poor family background, Luo Su has had unusual vanity and ambition since she was a child. Now she is 27 years old and aims high by faking her biography in order to marry the handsome Chinese bachelor, Mr. Wen. This is Luo Su’s last chance to change her life.

However, she has lost the trust of Mr. Wen and cannot be restored, and thus broke with her family and friends who love her. After her lies are disclosed by a surprising TV interview of her mother, she loses everything and commits suicide. Stuck in limbo, she’s been magically given a last chance to rewrite her life within 72 hours; in the body of a man.

2. Deep in the Sea

Release Date: Mar 4, 2022

In the film, Roy Niu plays the role of Huang Xiaojun, a counselor who is suspected of sexually harassing his female clients and is suspended from his job. His mentor, Professor Wu, introduces him to a schizophrenic named Zhao Lihua. After an initial diagnosis, Huang Xiaojun was surprised to find that Zhao Lihua, under hallucinations, would relieve himself by killing the people in his hallucinations. As the treatment progressed, Zhao Lihua became increasingly unable to distinguish between hallucinations and reality. Huang Xiaojun found another way to cure Zhao Lihua with a daring attempt. However, he also discovered a major secret about himself as a result.

3. Requiem

Release Date: Mar 4, 2022

The film is adapted from the novel Requiem of the same name by Zhou Daxin, winner of the Mao Dun Literature Award.

This book is dedicated to all parents who have lost their sons and daughters due to illness and accidents. It is a spiritual self-help book for those who have lost their sons and daughters, full of sorrow but also soothing to the heart. The book begins and ends with a dialogue between a father and son in heaven and on earth. In the dialogue, the father looks back on his life and makes a heartbreaking confession; the son elaborates on his experience of death and informs him of the wondrous picture of heaven. The narrative is resolutely poignant and moving.

The novel is an important apocalypse for contemporary people facing life and death, which allows it to go beyond the narrow personal horizon and instill a special warmth into the reader’s heart with unparalleled openness. Long novels of this kind have unique qualities in the history of Chinese fiction since modern times. The film adaptation of the same name is co-produced by China and Japan, starring Wei Zi, Qiang Yu, and Chen Jin, and will be released in 2022.

4. Brothers

Release Date: Mar 4, 2022

The movie “Brothers” tells the story of a pair of twin brothers who were separated from each other since childhood because of an accident but reunited accidentally after many years due to a cross-border case and identity swap. One was adopted by a wealthy businessman and became an overbearing president, while the other was taken home by a scavenging old man and became a small-town youth who was bullied by street bullies.

The film has both the mercenary of “bullying the soft, bullying the good and fearing the evil” in the city, and the danger of “sword and shade, sparks” in the business world, but also has a surprising reversal after the hilarious laughs and the courage and energy of gathering for righteousness and fighting for the truth. Under the treacherous clouds, the new power of infinite surprises and supreme wisdom is derived, with multiple emotions, full of righteousness, and full of rivers and lakes. When the grassroots in the marketplace to reverse the transformation of the angry bag into a monthly salary of a million high corporate president, whether it can really raise eyebrows, to restore that before the beginning of the town was killed in the cradle of love?

After the death of the real president in distress can rely on the sharpness and wisdom of the president to govern the group of perennial bullying for the pleasure of street bullies, a turn in the city-style? The fake president and the old foxes of the mall, the real president fights street bullies, the silly boy’s city love, the big president’s over-sensitive family divide one by one to break the ice, northeast comedy collision Southeast Asian style, detonating fast-paced burst of laughter, cross-country, cross-sea accidental reunion.

5. So Long Summer Vacation

Release Date: Mar 11, 2022 

In the late 1980s, China’s earliest group of only children just entered the “primary school” stage, a county city double-income family Chen Xiaojin is such an only child, the film “So Long Summer Vacation” is about Chen Xiaojin in order to pass the long summer vacation alone at home, a series of ridiculous but long-awaited. The film focuses on the post-seventies and post-eighties generations. The film focuses on the childhood life and spiritual world of the only child after the 70s and 80s, with a lot of warmth in nostalgia, and tells us a story about childhood and growing up with fresh summer painting style and gentle and pulsating strokes.

In the pilot trailer, around the “summer vacation” “innocent teenager” “fond memories” “fun”. A few keywords, a gentle and lonely summer journey slowly unfolded. The preview is filled with many childish and memory-filled scenes, small groups of friends swimming in the river, catching field chickens in the lotus pond under the moon, selling bicycles along the street, these elements seem to pull people back to that simple and warm era, which will surely cause a large number of memories of the post-1970s and post-1980s. At the same time, the emotional part shown in the pilot trailer is also quite captivating, so people seem to follow Chen Xiaojin into this long and simple summer vacation life, full sense of immersion.

6. The Love Tree of Nanming

Release Date: Mar 14, 2022 

“The Love Tree of Nanming” is the Chinese film “one city, one film” “one industry, one film”. Hainan selected film works, by Sichin Gaohua, Su Qian, Li Meike, Shi Tianshuo, Sun Tie, and other veteran young actors leading the lead role.

The film tells the story of a rich girl Ouyang Jiajia and grassroots man Cheng Peng relationship problems, the two self-driving trip to take a break, in Dingan Huangpo village because the car broke down befriended the country girl Wang Xiaorong and her grandmother Wang Sheng, and stay in their home. Wang Sheng takes the initiative to take the two on a tour after learning the truth, telling the local legend about the love tree on the way.

The film is based on the love story between the royal son of the Yuan dynasty, Tu Te Muer, and a girl from Hainan, Qingmei. 700 years ago, the prince of the Yuan dynasty, Tu Te Muer, was exiled to Hainan and was saved by a local girl, Qingmei, during a time of struggle and crisis at the court. Later, he met the local Li chief, Wang Guan, and became acquainted with him. With the help and care of Qingmei and the king’s official, Tu Te Muer spent three years in Ding’an without any hardship. As a testament to their love, they planted two banyan trees in the area, and to their surprise, the two trees grew up to become intertwined lovebirds.

The film is an artistic expression of the interweaving of history and modernity, with the love story of the prince of the Yuan dynasty, Tudor Muir, and the girl Qingmei of Ding’an, Hainan, as the mainline, gathering Ding’an’s scenery and showing the beauty of Hainan’s nature and humanity.


7. Da Ge, Bie Nao Le

Release Date: Mar 17, 2022 

Li Zhong, a prodigal son, is nearly 30 years old but uneducated and loves to have fun every day, and his mother left him an inheritance of 30 million dollars in the form of company shares after her death. Li Zhong’s sister-in-law, Wu Lehua, who is the chairman of the Lehua Group, decides to join forces with Li Zhong’s cousin, Gao Cheng, to carry out a large-scale immersive “script-killing” life transformation plan for Li Zhong in order to prevent him from squandering his $30 million inheritance.

8. You are My Youth

Release Date: Mar 18, 2022 

The film is inspired by the ordinary and fiery youth of most people. The teacher is punished for standing in class, the whole class is tacitly booing, and a classmate’s classic quotations have been remembered for many years… Youth is not only first love, but also warmth, happy fun.

Mo Caining (Zhang Shannan) is an ordinary high school student because the class teacher (Wang Tianyu) is her own sister-in-law, so her every move can not escape his sister-in-law’s eyes, usually have to pretend to be a good student, but in essence, is an uncompromising star-catcher. The arrival of a transfer student, Gu Tianqi (Li Mingyuan), changes her peaceful life dramatically, and she discovers that her attractive deskmate is actually the brother of her idol, Gu Yunfan (Zu Tianrui).

However, the news of her special identity spreads, and she has a misunderstanding with her best friend Princess Zhang (Guo Sujie). In order to stop Princess Zhang from being upset and Gu Tianqi from transferring to another school, Mo Caining unites with her classmate Yuan Chi (Fan Yunfei) and Tong Hui (Li Yanfeng) to solve the problem. During their time together, Mo Caining is determined to become as good as Gu Tianqi. Turning to the winter holidays, under the grand fireworks everyone set up their own life goals, with precious friendships towards a longed-for future.

9. Our Song

Release Date: Mar 18, 2022 

Set against the backdrop of the Anti-Japanese War and the Liberation War, the film tells the story of Cao Huoxing, who composed the song “No Communist Party, No New China”, which was sung on the Chinese land and inspired the people of China to fight bravely for the establishment of a new China. Directed by Ding Xiaoming and written by Wang Dongxing, President of the Chinese Film and Literature Society, and Zhang Youchen, the film presents the struggle of the literary workers during the war years to hold on to their beliefs and use their strength to promote the revolution.

During the war period, they joined the Communist Party and the Kuomintang respectively; Cao Fuxing wrote the song “No Communist Party, No China”, which provoked the conflict of ideas and beliefs between the brothers …… Through the struggle of beliefs between the two brothers around a song, this film recreates the Communist Party during the war years, which relied on the masses to The film recreates the revolutionary journey of the Communist Party during the war years, which relied on the masses and eventually built up a new China from weakness to strength. Renowned composer Lei Lei rearranged “No Communist Party, No New China” to bring this red classic back to life in the film.

The film uses a unique flashback approach, with the story beginning with the 2015 evacuation of Yemen, where Cao Xifei, a descendant of Cao Huoxing, loses his wife in the turbulent Yemeni military coup and his daughter goes missing in the chaos. With his passport lost, Cao Xifei has to prove his identity with the help of the Chinese embassy by relying on a song of “No Communist Party, No New China”, and tells the story behind the song. The film’s “anti-melodrama” approach eschews didactic historical material and instead brings out the people’s choice of national destiny from the battle between two brothers in the midst of war, and then extends to the great task of the new era, showing us that the one who wins the hearts of the people wins the world and that the voice of the people is sung and the hearts of the people are directed.

10. Revival

Release Date: Mar 18, 2022 

The movie “Revival” is full of crises and is called a “field of darkness” Zhou Yang, Lin Zhen Hui is involved in a murder for love.

The movie “Revival” opens with a multi-billion dollar inheritance distribution, the chairman of the Gao family passed away, the Gao family coveted the rich family fortune he left behind, gathered in the Cloister Pavilion. At the critical moment, lawyer Zhou Yang brings a will and a mysterious letter and specifies that the fire that occurred in the Cloister Pavilion a year ago was actually a murder, and the real culprit is in the Cloister Pavilion.

The empty room, the burning flames, the smoke seems to be someone trying to open the locked cabinet door, but there is no help. The trailer released today recreates the fire that took place in the Cloister Pavilion a year ago, with a succession of flashing images showing the Cloister Pavilion “asylum” in all its glory: Zhou Yang repeatedly checking photos of the fire scene, her determined eyes revealing her determination to avenge her love; the seemingly absent housekeeper Lin Zhenhui (played by Liu Mintao) is so calm that people are afraid.

The people of the Gao family either look panicked, or secretly calculating, or into despair fire murder case confusing, cloister pavilion in the re-emergence of the murder, more creepy is that there seems to be someone in the shadows watching every move of the people. The tension is pervasive in the cloister pavilion, and everyone is hiding secrets that are elusive. In the fixing poster, Zhou Yang looks stunned, Lin Zhenhui expression mysteriously leaned down to her, is a conspiracy to join forces or step by step coercion? The relationship between the two is full of suspense. The fire has been extinguished, but the hatred is not extinguished, whether Zhou Yang can find the real culprit hidden in the crowd? All secrets are still waiting to be revealed.

11. Unordered Space

Release Date: Mar 25, 2022 

The film tells the story of writer Feng Jingya, whose hippocampus is damaged due to a car accident, and who becomes increasingly confused between the real and unreal worlds while working on a new novel. But in the end, under the treatment of doctor Lu Yongan, Feng Jingya regains her normal memory. She donates all the money from her novels written during her illness to patients who need medical treatment due to hippocampal damage.

Thousands of years old corpses surprised the bizarre Blackwater City! A young man and a woman step into a deserted village of death! The eerie moonlit night, spirits and monsters scream ghostly laughter all the way to kill, blood sacrifice, through the belly, stabbing throat hero and heroine frequently to death, no one survived! The dangerous path that cannot be walked, the spell of death that cannot be escaped, whether it is from the ancient dryad’s grievances wandering, or from the newly dead person’s unbroken soul? The moment the truth emerges from the ancient city, the legend of a thousand years has turned into a brutal killing, real and unreal overlap and intertwine, making people’s bones the ultimate horror of a touch!

12. Summer

Release Date: Mar 25, 2022 

In the main visual poster, five teenagers wearing track and field uniforms run hard against the sea breeze, bursting with the wild energy of youth, Ella and Geng Le are standing aside, watching the children who are moving forward. The film tells the story of Wu Youli (played by Chen Jiahua), a talented journalist who meets Gao Jishu (played by Geng Le), a disillusioned coach and a naive youngster from the track and field team.

Even if the road is full of bumps, are you still willing to run on? This question about life and dreams is directly related to every teenager who will grow up. The poster of “Summer” gives a youthful answer: “I want to keep running”. In the poster, several teenagers do so, running forward with all their might on the beach of golden sand and blue water, the image of the characters in virtual focus makes the picture very dynamic, the recklessness and vigor of youth are clear. The two adults, Wu Yuli and Gao Jishu, stand beside the path that the teenagers run through, witnessing the struggle and growth of the teenagers as a first-hand witness of this summer.

In the film, Gao Jishu, once a well-known athlete, is devastated after rejection, so the principal of Zhenhua Middle School asks him to reorganize the school’s track and field team and asks reporter Wu Yuli to do a feature on track and field education. Five teenagers who did not meet originally were assembled together, and like most young people, they wanted to run for their dreams that summer and to fight for their future, and under Gao Jishu’s different training, several of them ran the best time in ten years at Zhenhua Middle School and entered the youth marathon finals.