Upcoming Chinese Movie In April 2022

1. Ode to the Spring

Release Date: Apr 2, 2022

The movie “Ode to the Spring” is directed by the Chinese Film Association, produced by Chen Daoming, produced by Huang Bo and produced by Zhang Hong, directed by Zhou Nan, Zhang Qi, Tian Yusheng, Dong Yue and Rao Xiaozhi, and starring Zhou Dongyu, Yin Fang, Song Xiaobao, Pan Binlong, Wang Jingchun, Zhao Jinmai, Huang Chao, Yang Si, Huang Xiaoming, Song Jia and Zhang Hangcheng.

The movie tells the moving story of ordinary people helping each other in the epidemic from a down-to-earth perspective and in simple language, and the female characters among them, although they have different identities and professions, all show the power of women with their practical actions.

The film “Ode to the Spring” released a special featurette today, featuring the stories of women from different fields and different identities, unfolding a “springtime painting” full of vitality and hope. They are self-confident and tough, and they work hard in pursuit of their ideal career; they are dedicated and selfless, and they bear the burden of the motherland; they are delicate and pure, and they turn their mother’s love into great love to warm the earth.

2. Lighting Up The Stars

Release Date: Apr 2, 2022

The movie “Life Matters” is produced by Han Yan, directed by Liu Jiangjiang, with Zhu Yilong in the lead role, Wang Ge in the special guest-starring role, Liu Lu and Luo Jingmin in the lead roles, and Yang Eun-young in a special introductory role. The film tells the story of undertaker Mo Sanmei (Zhu Yilong) who, having been released after serving his sentence, a funeral director accidentally meets the orphan Wu Xiaowen (Yang Enye), whose appearance unexpectedly changes Mo’s attitude towards her profession and life.

During a funeral, Mo Sanmei saved orphan girl Wu Xiao Wen from almost being “cremated.” Since then, Xiao Wen has been sticking to Mo Sanmei like glue thereby making things a little difficult for Mo Sanmei whose life is already riddled with problems. After some laughter and tears, the unexpected father and daughter pair have found something wonderful.


3. Hearts Motive

Release Date: Apr 2, 2022

“Hearts Motive” is about a lawyer, Ding Yifeng (Huang Xiao Ming), who was once banned from the industry for exposing the shady practices of his own law firm and was depressed and hibernated for years. By chance, he reappears and turns a sure-to-lose lawsuit into a not-guilty one, and fame and fortune follow. But the truth of the case is far from the surface so simple, in between justice and fame, he must make another choice.

On the other hands, Yan Ni starred as Ding Yifeng’s defense side, but also may be sentenced to life or death penalty prisoners, only four in 10,000 chances of winning the defendant. In the film’s trailer after her murder unperturbed, bent on seeking death, but in the end and hidden meaning, she is the murderer or wrongly accused, or this is just her serial plan, into the film’s biggest mystery, estimated to know the answer, can only wait for the release to know the truth is how?

Not only the strength of the veteran actor Tu Men played the victim Ma Shuangxi. He plays a murdered old man who lives alone and has an unexplained relationship with the female lead Yan Ni, and the truth of his passing is the answer to everyone’s questions!

There is also a strong young actress Kan Qingzi’s joining. Kan Qingzi plays the prosecutor Sun Yu, she stands on top of the case through the layers of files, but only sees the corner of the case, and she will also have some unexplained connection with the “old man living alone Ma Shuangxi” case?

4. The Victims

Release Date: Apr 2, 2022

Tells the story of an investigation into a murder case that takes place on a remote seaside road. Feng Shaofeng, Tao Hong, Huang Jue leading role, Tu Songyan, Su Xin, Huang Mengying, Zhang Haiyu starred in the film “The victims” officially announced the official schedule, will be released on April 2, 2022 in the national theater, and the first exposure of the “truth is hard to find”.

The film is based on a robbery and murder case. The film revolves around a robbery and murder case, Feng Shaofeng as police officer Yuan Wenshan in the process of gradually deepening the investigation, found that the truth of the case is far from the surface that simple, three cases in parallel, a battle of interests and justice intensified. Who is actually lying?

The trailer, released in just 37 seconds, brings together many suspenseful and criminal elements such as detective cases, car accidents, murders, falling buildings, falling into the sea, etc. The search for police officer Yuan Wenshan (played by Feng Shaofeng) unfolds. In addition, there is the car that fell into the sea, the body dragged by the car, the woman who fell in the car, the three victims of seven related contacts, as if everyone has a hidden agenda, with an ulterior motive.

“The victims” at the same time released a slotting poster, Feng Shaofeng, Tao Hong, Huang Jue three people in the same broken mirror of different lenses, their relationship also seems to be like the broken mirror is divided but interdependent. The three look different from each other, and the blurred crime scene in the background is full of suspense.

5. One Week Friends

Release Date: Apr 2, 2022

The youth campus movie “One Week Friends” released “Treasure Girl” special features and “Sister Sticker” poster, Zhao Jinmai and Shen Yue play a pair of good girlfriends at the same table, the interaction between the two in and out of the scene shows the girlhood. The film is based on the comic of the same name, Zhao Jinmai and Lin Yi lead, Shen Yue special appearance, Wang Jiahui lead. The most fortunate thing about growing up is that your best friend is always with you.

“One Week Friends” special is warm and loving throughout, Zhao Jinmai, Shen Yue transformed into the atmosphere of the set. Lin Xiangzhi (played by Zhao Jinmai) and Song Xiaonan (played by Shen Yue) are two girls with very different personalities, one is an introverted and reticent school, the other is a lively and cheerful happy girl. When they first met, Song Xiaonan was overbearing and protective of Lin Xiangzhi, but after they became friends, they comforted each other. The two treasure girls also infected the other creators on the set.

Lin Xiang Zhi suffers from strange amnesia. Her memory of her friends can only last for a week, and she has become withdrawn as a result. That is until the arrival of a transfer student named Xu You Shu. His kindness and persistence make Xiang Zhi gradually open up. The two are determined to face the past together, find the truth in their memories, and redeem each other’s future.

When they were students, facing the confusion and bewilderment belonging to that age, the friends they spent time with were the most tacit understanding and the warmest people to rely on. Real friendship is the most touching. A week’s friend is also a lifetime agreement.

6. The Italian Recipe

Release Date: Apr 15, 2022

Directed by Hou Zuxin, scriptwriter, Huang Yao, Liu Xun starring in the love film “after meeting you” has released the “nose kiss” version of the posters, announced the national release on April 15. In the poster, two people embracing each other with smiling faces and eyes lightly closed on the “nose kiss”, instantly full of sweetness came to the screen, the love hormone belonging to the two people instantly full.

Life is a limited journey full of fantasy, meeting and parting in the crowd, the luckiest is to meet you, the most regret is to miss you. The movie “The Italian Recipe” is set in Rome, the “Eternal City”, and tells a love story of meeting and getting to know each other through fate. The two people who are hindered by reality choose to let go of each other silently for the sake of each other’s happiness but underestimate each other’s determination to go on together.


7. Curling Happiness

Release Date: Apr 15, 2022

The film “Curling Happiness” tells the story of an infinite loop of horror in which the last day of the year is about to end, due to the interference of various bizarre phenomena, resulting in never being able to successfully cross over to the new year. In the film, after sobering up from a hangover, Du Yang Yu was awakened by a nightmare and woke up to find himself in a room with a girl he did not know, and after a brief exchange, he thought he had something important on his mind and ran away in a flash, but did not know that from this moment on, everything will continue to be repeated around this day, unable to turn the page.

Time turns back and forth, and space sets up walls, viciously setting off a storm of fear from the beginning back to the past, “tomorrow is tomorrow, tomorrow is so much more” of the captive soul. Ubiquitous clown shenanigans, unexplained stalking-style killings, infinite loops of time and space. However, the same day is repeatedly rotated in different episodes, in the relay race of the old and the new year, constantly pulling the people in the film back to the origin. People caught in it, again and again, suffered “death” trial, soul torture, always chased by the dark shadow of the clown flashing out of nowhere, the thrill of the open escalation, adrenaline full of frenzy, subversion of the cycle of time and space scare shocked the soul!

8. Stay With Me

Release Date: Apr 29, 2022

The movie, directed by Wu Yang and Zhou Nan Sun, revolves around Zhao Yi and Xu Jiashou. Zhao Yi finally finds the courage to confess her love to Xu Jiashou, whom she has been secretly in love with for years, but unexpectedly starts a long-distance relationship by mistake.

“Stay With Me” is the first film in China to focus on the subject of long-distance love, which is one of the most common real-life emotional topics in today’s society. “I really hate long-distance love, but I really like you” is the tagline of this movie, which perfectly expresses the real state of mind of every couple in long-distance love, close enough to real-life, with a strong sense of immersion.

After the college entrance exam, Zhao Yi (Ren Min) confesses her love to Xu Jiashi (Feng Xiangkun), whom she has been secretly in love with for many years, but a long-distance relationship is started by mistake. They firmly believe that if they survive the long-distance, they will be in love for life. But the natural obstacles of long-distance love test them, as they are obviously in love, but they keep missing each other’s lives. The appearance of Sae Hyuk (Chen You Wei), Qiao Qiao (Zhou Yu Tong) and Li Tang (Li Xiaoqian) make Zhao Yi feel a lot of emotions. When the long-distance love escalates into a foreign love, the two of them have to face their own answers as to whether they should continue to persevere or say goodbye to each other.

9. Hello, Beijing

Release Date: Apr 30, 2022

The film is directed and produced by Cao Qian Qian, and stars An Zehao, Liu Ben, Li Firan, Hai Yidian, Guo Jinglin and Zhang Hilin, with a special appearance by Xu Zheng. The story tells the urban story of three small people struggling to survive in the city of Beijing. As an inspirational blockbuster, the film focuses on all the dreamers on the road of struggle, guarding every determined and brave heart.

It is reported that the film “Hello, Beijing” uses three moving stories of the struggle of northern drifters of different identities, ages and professions to map out every one of you, me and him who persist in their dreams and work hard on and off the screen. The director of the film, Cao Qian Qian, said “struggle is the most beautiful look in life”, which is a profound interpretation for us: no matter in the adversity of life, in the helplessness of loss, in the confusion of the turn, they can hold on to the original heart, fly against the wind, gather the power of dreams, integrate youth, blood, sweat and excitement into the struggle. They can gather the power of their dreams, put their youth, blood, sweat and excitement into the struggle, and strive forward on the road of realizing their dreams, pursuing the wonderful chapter of their lives with persistence and stubbornness.


10. Under the Shadow

Release Date: Apr 30, 2022

The film, directed by Guo Xiaofeng, will show a panoramic view of the legendary story of public security police officers fighting with telecom fraud suspects to recover the huge economic losses of the people who suffered from telecom fraud and launching a thrilling and speedy case. It vividly shows the heroic image of our public security police officers who are dedicated to the people and the great spirit of sacrifice and is the first anti-telco fraud theatrical film in China.

The movie “Under the Shadow” is based on the real case of “Kill the Pig Pan”, which tells the story of a telecom fraud incident that occurred in a certain place, which attracted media coverage, and the people’s police, represented by the people’s public security, dispatched a police officer to infiltrate into the border between China and Myanmar, and penetrate into the telecom fraud center. They fought with the fraudsters, collected evidence of the group’s crimes, and finally worked with the people to eradicate the criminal group’s legendary story.


11. Give Me Five

Release Date: Apr 30, 2022

The film “Give Me Five”, co-produced by Joyful Comedy Culture Limited, tells the story that Xiao Wu (Chang Yuan) and his father Wu Hong Qi (Wei Xiang), is suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease, and the only memories left in his mind are the moments he spent with Xiao Wu’s deceased mother, Lu Chun Li (Ma Li). In order to reawaken his father’s lost memories, Xiao Wu returns to his old house with clues to find his mother, where he inadvertently finds a dusty diary and a simple ring box. At this point, an unexpected thing suddenly happened, Xiao Wu unexpectedly gained the ability to travel back to the 1980s.

Xiao Wu, played by Chang Yuan, accidentally returns to the 1980s and accidentally spoils the first meeting between his father and mother. In order to rectify this mistake, he tries every possible way to return to the past, again and again, encouraging his mother to chase his father, and the farce caused by the aftermath of the crossing continues to play out.

As a son, Xiao Wu travels back to the time before he was born, and is called “brother” and “brother” by his own parents. The dilemma of “son” becoming “brother” and calling himself “uncle” is played out. How Xiao Wu actually broke the situation also became the audience’s expectation point.


12. Justice Seeker

Release Date: Apr 30, 2022

Written and directed by Mak Siu-Fai, scripted by Zhao Peng, produced by Tian Qiwen, starring Huang Jingyu, Bai Bai He and Wang Li Kun, with Wang Qianyuan and Bao Beier in special roles, starring Su Ke, Zhang Yi, Liang Songqing and Yu Peiyao, and with Feng Shaofeng in a special role, the first public prosecution commercial crime blockbuster focusing on Chinese prosecutors.

The movie “Justice Seeker” tells the story of a wealthy businessman who suddenly dies, which leads to an old case. The young prosecutor tries to explore the bigger dark secret, and the forces of justice and evil confront each other with life and death, and the seemingly final game hides a more shocking answer …… from the fast-paced clip of the final trailer, the audience can get a glimpse of the intrigue and clues of this case.

It is worth mentioning that this film is the first screen cooperation between Huang Jingyu and Bai Bai He, Huang Jingyu plays a righteous young prosecutor. Bai Baihe plays an elite lawyer who fights for the legal rights of the defendant with her professional ability. As the two sides of the case, the two will fight for truth and justice in the movie.