Tomorrow x Together, a green light for US activities

Tomorrow by Together recently appeared on major US radio channels, such as Sirius XM, a radio broadcast nationwide based in New York, USA, and KMVQ and KYLD radios in San Francisco. 

The host of KMVQ mentioned that TXT successfully held a concert after they sold out all seats at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco on the 21st. 

The host of KYLD asked about Tomorrow X Together’s music after the ‘Dream Chapter’ series, and Taehyun said, “We challenged more diverse genres, and all five members took part in our music more deeply, including writing lyrics and composing.” explained. 

Also, regarding the new song ‘Valley of Lies (feat Iann Dior)’ released on the 22nd, Yeonjun said, “Iann Dior heard our music and contacted us, so we started working together.” Tomorrow X Together and iann dior participated in SiriusXM’s live broadcast. 

He said, “I was in awe of the respectful TXT fans, and it was very impressive to see TXT singing and dancing for 3 hours.” 

According to the ‘Top 40’ ADD BOARD released on the 26th by Mediabase, an analysis chart of the number of US radio broadcasts, ‘Valley of Rise (feat Ian Dior)’ ranked 7th. 

The ‘Top 40’ ad board is a collection of the number of radio stations that have registered music to play on radio programs in the United States.


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