Tomb of the River (2021) Review


The crime action movie ‘Tomb of the River’, which attracts attention with the combination of Yoo Oh-sung and Jang Hyuk, has released two teaser posters.

‘Tomb of the River’ is a crime-action movie depicting the ambitions, conspiracies, and betrayals of different organizations surrounding the construction of the largest resort in Gangneung.

The released teaser poster catches the eye with the overwhelming charisma of the two actors, Oh-Sung Yoo, and Hyuk Jang. The two characters, who will fight fiercely over the construction of the largest resort in Gangneung, are gazing at different places and exuding a strong presence. The pitiful expressions on their faces and fierce eyes make people look forward to what kind of conflict they will face in the movie.

In particular, the setting of the Gangneung sea at sunset creates a strong atmosphere. The waves of Gangneung’s sea raise expectations even more about how the fate and sharp conflict that lies in front of the two men will unfold.

‘Tomb of the River’ drew attention with the combination of two actors, Yoo Oh-Sung and Jang Hyuk, who are active in both movies and dramas. In particular, ‘The Merchant: Gaekju 2015′ is also expected to be the first meeting in 6 years between the two actors who appeared in a hostile relationship.

In addition to Yoo Oh-Sung and Jang Hyuk, it is attracting more attention by foretelling that a large number of actors with strong personalities will appear. Oh Dae-hwan, who has established himself as a popular actor through numerous works, and actors Park Seong-Geun, Shin Seung-hwan, Lee Chae-young, and Han Seon-Hwa, who has been active in various works such as ‘VIP’ and ‘Secret Forest 2’, are appearing.

Meanwhile, ‘Tomb of the River’, which is raising expectations for the unstoppable crime action in Gangneung by releasing the teaser poster, is scheduled to be released in November.

First of all, Yoo Oh-Sung, who showed overwhelming charisma through various works such as ‘Friend’, ‘Champion’ and ‘Friend 2’, plays Gil-Seok, a person in this movie who is highly trusted by Chairman Oh, a key figure in Gangneung’s largest resort business, and who values loyalty more than anyone else. He is expected to show a unique presence in the drama ‘Black Sun’, which is scheduled to be aired, and will show a transformation of acting that he has never seen before in ‘Tomb of the River’, giving the audience a surprising sense of immersion.

Also, expectations are high for Jang Hyuk, who is divided into Min Seok, a character who has achieved whatever he wants based on his coolness. He showed an irreplaceable charm in each work, creating an attraction that one could not take his eyes off of.

Here, the copy of ‘Rough waves crashing in the East Sea’ foreshadows their close battles and passionate performances, from relationships stained with ambition, intrigue, and betrayal to fierce confrontations.


  • Movie: Tomb of the River
  • Native Title: 강릉
  • Also Known As: River’s Grave, Gangneung
  • Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Release Date: Nov 10, 2021