To Be With You (2021) Review


The movie “To Be With You” is co-directed by Lin Ziping and Sun Rui, starring Wang Keru and Liu Dongqin, and starring Li Huan, Huang Miyi, Xie Zhixun, Bao Yaming, An Ge, and Gao Yufei.

The movie is adapted from the novel “Our Generation” by Sun Rui. This book accompanies the post-80s and post-90s groups through their youth and maturity. For them, “Our Generation” is a record of youth and a microcosm of growth. The well-known publisher Lu Jinbo once praised, “Our Generation” is because he is the last youth book for all those born in the 1980s who do not want to grow up, and it is the gorgeous end of a generation of youthful memories.

The movie “To Be With You” is set for September 19, 2021, becoming the first movie to be set for the Mid-Autumn Festival this year. Everyone’s youth has regrets. If you miss the youth in that youth, if you still have a heart and can’t forget it, it’s better to meet again this autumn and make an appointment with “To Be With You”, every time you meet, are all reunited after a long time. You should not ignore this movie, because it will help you remember a passionate and romantic youth.

The film revolves around the youthful memories and emotional entanglements of Qiu Fei (played by Liu Dong Qin) and Zhou Zhou (played by Nina Wang) and tells a hot and sincere story. But there are regretful youth love stories. Qiu Fei, a freshman, fell in love with 38-year-old architect Zhou Zhou at first sight. But like many young relationships, this couple met at a point in their lives that they didn’t really understand love. After a series of events, Qiu Fei was forced to drop out of school and the short love affair quickly ended. More than ten years later, Zhou Zhou happened to see a photo of Qiu Fei and decided to look for him…

In the latest poster, the two protagonists are full of affection but their eyes are red and full of tears. The bright colors set off the sad emotions more clearly. The characters’ regret and unwillingness in youth, affection, and stubbornness are also expressed incisively and vividly. The audience pulled back into that period of youthful memories.

In the “To Be With You” preview released this time, Zhou Zhou and Qiu Fei’s under the afterglow of the setting sun. Chen Huai Yu(played by Xie Zhi Xun)on the young date, or Yang Yang(played by Li Huan) mustered the courage and joyfully greeted his beloved girl, or the ordinary Ma Jie (played byBao Yaming) silently paid attention to the glittering girl on the stage at the passionate party. The picture, every state, everyone, fits very closely with us in true youth.

The surprise addition of Shen Teng and Yao Chen brought different joy and tears to the movie. In the movie, Shen Teng plays a stern-mouthed teaching director who loves students very much, and Yao Chen plays a university teacher with an open-minded and charming personality. The characters are full of flesh and blood, filling the audience’s expectations for “To Be With You”.


  • Drama: To Be With You
  • Native Title: 我的青春有个你
  • Also Known As: The Guardians, Grassy Years, Thrive as Grass, Wo De Qingchun You Ge Ni, Wo De Qing Chun You Ge Ni, Cao Yang Nian Hua, Ngo Di Cheng Cheun Yau Go Nei, 草样年华, 我的青春有個你
  • Genres:  Romance, Youth
  • Country: China
  • Type: Movie
  • Release Date: Sep 19, 2021

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