Three CCP officials accused of attempted murder of human rights activist Xing Wangli

Xixian police arrested Henan human rights activist Xing Wangli on suspicion of “defamation.” The Xixian Procuratorate prosecuted the case on January 18th, 2022, and transferred it to the Xixian court.

Xing Jian, who lives in exile in New Zealand, told Chinese-language Da Ji Yuan News on February 3rd, “My father Xing Wangli is still being held at the Xixian Detention Center, and the prosecutor’s office will prosecute him. The main reason was that in 2016 my father was badly beaten at the detention center. His skull was fractured. My father sued the officials of killing attempt, and they accused my father of slandering.”

Three officials accused of killing Xing Wangli have been prosecuted

Xing Jian said that the three responsible officials are Jin Ping, the county party secretary, Li Xuechao, the district propaganda director, and Liu Yang, the district police chief. If this case is found guilty, it will be a historical case, an event in China’s history of human rights protection.

On April 20th, 2021, Xing Wangli and his wife visited Jiang Tianyong in Lingshan Town, Luoshan District, Henan Province. Xing Wangli was placed under administrative supervision for 15 days by the Xi County Police Department. Xing and his wife may have upset the local authorities. 

On May 12th of the same year, Xixian police transferred him to criminal detention on suspicion of “fighting and public disturbing.”

During his father’s detention at the Xixian Detention Center in August 2016, Jin Ping, former Party Secretary of Xixian; Liu Yang, Director of Public Security; and Li Xuechao, Minister of Propaganda, were investigated for attempted murder. 

However, on June 18th, the Xixian District Procuratorate officially found Xing Wangli guilty of “defamation.” 

The reporter called the suspected officials, but no comments or responses were received.

 Imprisoned for nearly ten years

Up to now, Xing Wangli and his son, Xing Jian, have been illegally detained, illegally put in a re-education labor camp, arrested, and sentenced for nearly ten years.

Lawsuit issues started in 2015 

Xing Wangli and his wife asked the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Ministry of Public Security to review and investigate Feng Gouhui’s death. Feng Guohui, a claimant from Xi County, had appealed to the court and unexpectedly was found dead in a rented house in April 2015. 

On April 25th, Xing was placed in criminal detention by Xixian police on suspicion of “fighting and causing trouble.” He was later officially arrested on two charges, “fighting and causing trouble” and “extorting money from the government.” As a result, Xing received a detention court order at the Xixian Detention Center in Xinyang City.

At the first trial on August 26th, 2016, Xing Wangli was sentenced to 4 years and six months in prison and immediately appealed. 

A day after the verdict, Xing Wangli appeared to be badly injured. However, the detention center informed his family 10 hours later that Xing Wangli tried to hang himself with pants from the cell window. The police report said his attempted suicide caused the injuries.

After this so-called suicide incident, the Chinese authorities dropped Xing Wangli’s charge of “extorting the government” and sentenced him to two years in prison for “fighting and causing trouble.”

Xing Wangli and his wife defended their rights again after completing prison time and being released on November 24th, 2017.

Their son, Xing Jian, who was named Xing Lulu in China, was sent to prison many times. In addition, the authorities cut off Xing Jian’s compensation from a car accident.


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