Title and b-side tracks information 

Title song: 
01 Talk That Talk 

Songs that members participated in: 
03 Basics (written by Chaeyoung) 
04 Trouble (written by Jihyo, Composing participation by Jihyo)
06 Gone (written by Dahyun)
07 When We Were Kids (written by Dahyun)

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1. It’s interesting to see my bias appear in the creditsㅋㅋ
2. Basics sounds good 
3. If the song is good, it’s better to release it faster so that it climbs the ranking faster… The competition will be no joke 
4. The teaser is always showing the same part all the timeㅠㅠ Please let us listen to the full song already
5. JYP is so stingy with his title teasers, but since the fans are reacting well to it, they think that they’re doing it right. Even for Nayeon Pop and ITZY’s Sneakers, they only released a small bit in their teasers
6. The 3rd song is good, and that part from the title is good too, I’m curious about the full version 
7. Basics is too good and Jihyo is composing and writing. What’s happening? Wow 
9. Tzuyu’s voice color in the last one was insane
10. Hul #3 sounds freaking good
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