Kim Sunghyun (director: You need to come to the office everyday

“Golden tip for Heejoon’s audition: 

What’s more important than acting skills in audition is the image”

“So even if you fail, please don’t lose your confidence” (t/n: meaning it’s not because you’re a bad actor)

There are quite a few directors who think the actor’s image is more important than the actor’s acting skills because they know how they’ll be able to direct them 

1. It’s like Park Bogum saying he went to Reply’s audition looking countrified

2. To put this simply: 

The director = the manhwa

Choosing the actor = Finding a good art style that suits the characters

Acting skills = The mangaka can choose whatever dialogues and angles to draw to refine the manhwa

If you think that way, of course you’ll prefer picking people who fit the roles of your work. And I’m not talking about whether they’re handsome or not 

3. If I were a director, I would honestly treat the aura and the vibe as a skillset too 

4. You can’t escape thinking like that 

5. You seriously cannot overlook image when you’re casting… If you’re debating whether to pick the better actor or someone who fits the image more, I feel like you can’t help but settle for the image. You can always fix the acting skills with good directing

6. If you’re a talented director, you can turn any actor’s work into their life’s work and I’ve seen it happen a lot ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seriously if you suck to the point of no return, you will shine in your career at the beginning, but you’ll naturally fall off 

7. But in the end, he’s also a good actor… I’m sure the director was mindful of the gamble he was doing.. 

8. Oh but Park Jungmin is actually pretty good at acting now, so I bet he’s a hardworking person too?

9. There’s a lot of cases where people were able to cover for their acting with their auraㅋㅋ Anyways, the truth will be revealed once you look at their successive works.. Usually, you can notice that more easily in dramas. For movies, the director’s directing plays a huge part, and they go through extensive editing and also go through tedious filming so they’re able to cover for bad acting

10. But with good directing, you can make anyone’s acting shine

I’ve seen so many cases of people’s acting shine in one work, and act like a foot in every other works


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