In summary, Ray J’s claim that Kim’s mother Kris Jenner did all the planning and produced the ST through the signing of a contract accompanied by a lawyer.

The reason he keeps making this claim after a long time is that Kris Jenner came out on a talk show and said she had nothing to do with ST and even conducted a lie detector test to prove the injustice. 

The angry Ray J revaeled all the above contracts where they filmed a total of 3 ST , and one of them came out well so she leaked it.

All the planning was done by Kris Jenner, and Ray J only followed the contract.

1. Wow…. Oh…Wow…

2. Are they even real?

3. ㅇ0ㅇ Their household hit daebak after that… No but just how much does the mom makes their daughters do stuff

4. I’m even more shocked that the mom is the one who made her daughter do it…;;;;;;;

5. F*ck no but what kind of mom do you have to be to sell away your daughter like that 

6. Even though Kanye is a crazy bast*rd, I can understand why he said that he doesn’t want to raise his kids with that family 

7. No but isn’t this what everybody claimed from the befinning? I think I’ve seen it somewhere 

8. …………….. I didn’t know what I was reading and had to read it 3 times 

9. Selling your own daughter’s tape away to make cash… wow 

10. Seriously this is your own dauther… She has to be insane


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