“No but I found that it was such a mystery that I had to zoom in to look at it. Seriously, I let out a smirk. What is she doing to Kai’s eyebrows…? She made his original eyebrows f*cking blotchy, is she crazy? Is this a eyebrows ruining challenge?”

His eyebrows on a journalist picture that day

1. Why would she draw his eyebrows like that….?

2. EXO’s makeup salon isn’t Bit&Bot but a freelancer. Only their hairstylist is from Bit&Bot

3. I seriously got so mad. If I can be positive, this is just transparent makeup. She didn’t do anything at all

4. ㄷㄷhow can she draw his eyebrows like that? Even a commoner can do better

5. Not doing anything would’ve been way better

6. Seriously, she stresses me out so much… because there might be trolls coming at him because of his hair and makeup… Please work with someone else

7. Someone who’s handsome in a sharp way like Kai looks cooler with angular eyebrows so why is she drawing his eyebrows on like it was a joke? I f*cking don’t get it. I would’ve done a better job

8. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ she’s getting paid to do that???

9. Kai is honestly handsome because of his eyebrows… seriously, this is so annoying

10. His bare face is honestly freaking awesome


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