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1. Wow her physique and dance lines are the best..
2. When is she debuting again… ㅜ
3. She seriously dances so lightly, her dance lines are unrivaled…
4. Dance to Attention too…!!! I feel like she’ll freaking kill Attention 
5. She’s always just as good, Chaeyeon-ah let’s debut again!!
6. I always knew she was good, but I don’t really like she way she’s using her body 
7. I found it so so, she’s way too overboard with those moves, it looks burdensome. I know she’s a good dancer but she’s not my type 
8. She’s seriously a f*cking feather wow….
9. Why does it feel like she’s dancing on 2x speed? She’s rushing her moves. I prefer NewJeans’ version 
10. Her style isn’t my type but I like that she’s clean with her movements
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