(Rough trans of the first clip:

Wendy: We’re always opened to welcome you

Lee Jinhyuk *snaps fingers to wake her up*: You look tired

Wendy: I’m not)

Lee Jinhyuk who appeared on Young Street

1. Why are there always talks about him?

2. If you get annoyed by that, can you even live in society? 

3. It’s true that this hand gesture is rude

4. If you watch the other videos, he kept saying that her eyes looked sleepy and if she was tired. The DJ is actually doing a good job not caring about it here

5. He’s always like this

6. Isn’t that a joke…?

7. What is he doing? He’s wavering his hand and snapping his fingers in front of her??? I don’t see what’s the issue here???ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. He’s snapping his finger in front of her face. You call that “not rude”?

9. I honestly didn’t think it was problematic at all..

10. This just made me wonder if they were super close?

[enter-talk] IS LEE JINHYUK INSANE…? 

post response:


1. [+64, -2]

Noh Jisun, Enhypen Sunoo, Lee Jinhyuk, the 3 representative snapping fingers, they’re all f*cking rude

2. [+59, -1]

I hate people snapping fingers so much… Me too I’ve experienced it and even if it comes from somone older than me, I get annoyed

3. [+39, -0]

I watched a longer clip and it was uncomfortable. He told her that her eyes looked droopy on camera and to shake her eyes. Wendy said that maybe her eyes were swollen and he told her she was lacking magnesium, to go eat a banana and even during the commercial break, he kept on talking like that

4. [+25, -1]

He’s always that way 

5. [+23, -2]

Maybe because he’s ugly, but it’s even more annoying 


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