Park Hyung-joon: BTS’ position is to recognize the importance of the World Expo and to work hard as a public relations ambassador. Realistically, we didn’t meet and talk directly with BTS, but in our opinion, even to hold a concert for the 2030 Expo at the end of this year, some of the members are already at risk because of the military service issue. If some of the members or all the members have left for the military already, we would’ve had to push the event to next year. And if [enlistment] really happened, group activities would actually be impossible, and it would be very difficult for BTS to properly play their role as a public relations ambassador. Taking that situation into account, we made a suggestion to help BTS play this role more properly.

From what you can see there: 

1. If BTS receives the substitute for military service, they’ll be spending 34 months traveling around the world to promote the Expo and “serve the country”.

2. They’ve actually never asked BTS’ position about this proposition

3. The mayor of Busan does not know when BTS will go to the military.

4. It is more important to them for BTS to host the Expo than to serve in the military.

1. BTS are f*cking pitiful 

2. Just from the fact that they met in secret with their fathers to convince BTS to participate means that they have no intentions of asking BTS’ opinions about this from the start

And there was no way for Hybe who is so hungry for money to just hold a free concert like that 

3. BTS isn’t your private property, whether you’re a political party or an entertainment company, they just spit the 34 months service whenever it’s convenient for them and talk about exemption whenever it’s convenient to them. It’s seriously disgusting 

4. Ah this freaking pisses me offㅠㅠ Leave the kids aloneㅠㅠ

5. But to me, if those male idols decide to enlist quietly by themselves, it would be the best way to enhance national prestige.. 

6. If I were BTS, I’ll just go serve active duty for a year and half… Do you think you guys are the ones who made BTS?ㅡㅡ

7. Rather than become a dog to the regime and serve those 34 “volunteering” months, I’d rather them just go serve cleanly in the army and say bye bye to Hybe once they’re out so they can finally be free

8. Just go enlist already and come back 

9. Are they joking? They can just enlist for 1 year and half and comeback rather than be tied to them for 3 years? This is insane

10. Huh? Nowadays, the army only lasts 18 months, why would they serve for 34 monthsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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