The Truth (2021) Review


“The Truth” is a drama directed by director Li Yieven, starring Chen Xingxu and Gai Yuexi in the lead roles, Xu Yajun in a special appearance, and Liu Chang, Wen Zhengrong, Fu Fangjun, and Zhao Longhao in the support roles. The drama is the first domestic suspense drama on the subject of prosecutorial technology and focuses on the story of the prosecutorial technicians, represented by Lin Lan and Lin Yuanhao, who use advanced professional technology to help prosecutors break through bottlenecks in difficult cases and overcome “zero confession” cases.

Li Yunlin and Yi Mengyao, prosecutors of the Criminal Prosecution Division of the Jianghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate, are assigned to work as a team by the unit’s leadership. In the course of their work, the pair, who at first have minor conflicts, work well together in exercising the criminal prosecution function of the People’s Procuratorate, complementing each other’s strengths and completing important tasks assigned by the leadership. They were assigned to intervene in a criminal murder case in Jianghai City in advance and found many suspicions when reviewing the file, so they reasonably exercised the “right to conduct a supplementary investigation on their own” given to the procuratorial authorities by the Criminal Procedure Law, using modern procuratorial technology and micro-expressions, through repeated combing and analysis of various clues, and after repeated battles of wits with the suspect. The suspect repeatedly fought with his wits to accurately determine the real culprit behind the case. Li Yunlin quickly launched a series of supplementary investigation activities, locking the evidence, uncovering the real culprit, examining and arresting, and prosecuting, finally letting the truth come out.

The story is about the mysterious truth behind the murder case, the foggy “national treasure theft” case, the nasty and sinful hidden behind the glitz and glamour. A number of old cases are solved one by one until the truth about the accidental death of Lin Lan’s father is revealed. More than thirty years of love and hate, the repeated battles between good and evil, and a new perspective on the major role of the prosecution in building a China governed by the rule of law.

Chen Xingxu and Gai Yuexi lead the cast, with Chen Xingxu as the brave and unassuming procuratorial technician ‘Lin Yuanhao’ and Gai Yuexi as the snappy and direct Lin Lan, who has a unique style of work. For the first time, this drama portrays the important role of prosecutors in the handling of criminal cases from the perspective of prosecutorial techniques: guiding investigations, conducting supplementary investigations on their own, reviewing arrests, reviewing prosecutions, and so on. The characters are rich and three-dimensional, with moments of wisdom and witty scenes, presenting a more vibrant, youthful, and grounded image of prosecutors in Chinese drama.

A strong cast of new and veteran actors join the cast to perform layers of high-energy drama. Xu Yajun, Liu Chang, and Wen Zhengrong star in the support roles building up a strong cast. Xu Yajun, who played Qi Tongwei in the TV series “In the Name of the People”, plays Zhao Rui, whose elusive character casts a veil of mystery over the role, giving the audience a different and extreme experience. Renowned actor Liu Chang changes his image as a warm-hearted man on the screen and plays the role of Song Baiyu, a lawyer with a complicated background, who plays a drama with the main character Lin Yuanhao in who his best friends turn against each other. In addition, powerful actress Wen Zhengrong plays Song Jinxiu, a sad mother who exchanges her soul with the devil because of love.

Under the guidance of the relevant departments of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, the drama integrates prosecution technology into the cases, combining top-notch photography and post-production to restore the process and details of the prosecutors’ cases, with a large number of shots focusing on the forensic identification center of the Procuratorate, presenting on screen the technical work of prosecutors such as trace detection, electronic data technology, judicial psychology, and audio-visual technology. While satisfying viewers’ curiosity about the profession of prosecutorial technicians, it also highlights the importance of technical evidence in judicial practice and aims to make viewers feel fair and just through each case in the drama.


  • Drama: The Truth
  • Native Title: 真相
  • Also Known As: Truth, Zhen Xiang
  • Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Law, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 40
  • Airs: Oct 14, 2021 – ?
  • Airs On: Thursday, Friday
  • Original Network: Youku
  • Duration: 45 min.