The Sweetest Secret (2021) Review


Recently, the TV series “The Sweetest Secret”, produced by Hebei Huanuo Film Co., Ltd. and produced by Si Ran Liu, directed by Yi Hang Xie, starring Cai Zhuo Yi, Zhou Yiran, Xu Kaixin, Liao Huijia, Xu Yiyuan, and Chang Yun Yan, was announced to have officially started in Shishi City, Fujian Province.

Tang Weiwei (Cai Zhuo Yi) was 27 years old when she graduated from graduate school in psychology and intended to pursue her doctoral studies, but was severely prevented from doing so by her family. Her father snatched away from her diploma and killed her daughter’s dream of getting a Ph.D. by confronting her as a “class enemy” and giving her an order that she must marry before she turns 28.

Tang Weiwei, who has just broken up with her boyfriend, is faced with her father’s urging for marriage and the fact that she has been forced to suspend her studies due to the urging, and so she is not willing to start a new relationship. The dream of not being able to continue, the sadness of losing her love, and the pressure from her parents to get married, made Tong Weiwei too annoyed to continue, even though she was a graduate student in psychology, she still had a psychological burden. 

In order to regulate herself, Tang Weiwei does the most arbitrary thing – she starts her own business and opens a dessert store called “Heard”. However, with her age but no social experience, Tong Weiwei encountered a lot of problems and faced various tests and challenges when she first stepped out of school. When Tang Weiwei is at a loss, Lin Yan (played by Zhou Yiran) appears, a warm brother five years younger than her, and enters her life. This little brother, who is five years younger than her and still hangs around in her memory, brightens up Tong Weiwei’s world with all his heat and light.

The new collection of high-value CPs, hot-blooded dream-chasing youth with sweet love, will definitely create a refreshing “high sweetness, high heat” youth story for the audience, “The Sweetest Secret” is very much anticipated.


  • Drama: The Sweetest Secret
  • Native Title: 你是我最甜蜜的心事
  • Also Known As: You Are My Sweetest Thing, Ni Shi Wo Zui Tian Mi De Xin Shi
  • Screenwriter: Alice
  • Director: Xie Yi Hang
  • Genres: Romance, Life
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 24
  • Airs: Dec 15, 2021
  • Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Duration: 40 min.