The Recon (2021) Review


The movie ‘The Searcher’ (directed by Min-Seop Kim, produced by K Film Co., Ltd.), which will deliver an overwhelming thrill due to the unpredictable development that unfolds in the DMZ, is confirmed to be released on September 29 and released 12 press stills, collecting topics.

The 12 press stills released this time capture the attention of the 3rd Platoon members who are involved in the search for deserters in the DMZ, who do not know what kind of danger lurks. The sight of Captain Kang Seong-gu (played by Song Chang Eui), who took on the role of an investigator after his discharge as he was about to start a food stall, looking at the army notebook with a serious expression, stimulates curiosity about the incident he is facing. Then, Lieutenant Colonel Baek Young-Cheol (played by Song Young-Kyu), who is consistent with a cold attitude while hiding the truth of the DMZ, confronts Kang Seong-gu and creates a tight tension, making the viewers sweat. It makes us guess that something unusual is going to happen in the DMZ. In particular, the so-called ‘blue lens’ steel, which seems to be watching the search crews, gives off a cool atmosphere just by looking at it, causing goosebumps. The confused appearance of the search crews aiming their guns at each other raises the curiosity of prospective audiences about what kind of breakthrough they will find in the face of an imminent crisis.

‘Searcher’ is a military thriller movie in which on the day an education officer mysteriously died, a deserter case occurred and the crew members who went out to search the DMZ in the access control zone were caught up in the madness and faced an unknown incident.

The teaser trailer, released on September 7, begins with the open door of the DMZ, where no one can go on a dark night, with music that feels intense suspense without adding or subtracting.

Following the appearance of the 3rd Platoon members in a military vehicle entering the DMZ for a deserter search operation, the scene where they shoot like crazy adds to the curiosity of what kind of incident they will face in the future.

In addition, the question of Captain Kang Seong-gu, “What the hell happened there?” is combined with the figure of Lieutenant Lim So-Yeon (played by Do Eun-bi), an education officer who was found dead, increasing the immersion.

In particular, the appearance of an unidentified soldier hiding behind a tree adds to the eerieness, who is neither a deserter nor a member of the 3rd platoon in the DMZ further amplifies the mysterious atmosphere. It suggests that something unusual is about to happen in the DMZ. As if someone is watching the search crews. The DMZ, an unknown space that no one can go to, fills the screen and is expected to deliver an intense mystery and thrill.


  • Movie: The Recon
  • Native Title: 수색자
  • Also Known As: Seeker, Susaekja, Susaegja
  • Genres: Military, Thriller
  • Director: Min-Seop Kim
  • Country: South Korea
  • Release Date: Sep 29, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 51 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older