The Mask (2021) Review


Recently, a suspenseful crime drama “The Mask”, produced by Gao Qunshu and directed by Han Bowen, starring Zheng Kai, Zhang Guoli, Lin Feng, Lv Liang, Danyi, Tang Mengjia, and Guo Cengqi. This is a philosophical story about “breaking and choosing”, the plot is said to have the national version of ” The Bureau” + “Spy” + “007 “and other blockbuster movies. This reversal, reversal, and then reversal of the intricate, confusing plot story of the TV series, in fact, also experienced a difficult to say repeatedly scheduled for the withdrawal of the process, and finally finalized on December 7 in the East TV broadcast. Once the news came out, it caused a lot of discussion among netizens.

The plot is simple the father and son, the younger brother is a police officer, the father and brother are murderers. First, the brother sent the father to prison, the brother opened overseas escape, and then the brother then cross-country pursuit of the murderer. In the overseas brother undercover gang, while tracking the brother while carrying out the task of the superiors to find the gang controller Mr. A.

A serial murder case occurs in Linghai City, allowing Detective Ji Fan (Zheng Kai) to team up with Captain Xiong Zhennan (Zhong Dan Ni) and Forensic Scientist Zhao Qingyan (Melody Tang) to launch an investigation. However, the case is confusing and can never be solved. As the investigation progresses, Ji Fan gradually realizes that the murderer seems to be around him. The seemingly simple serial murder case involves an old case from 27 years ago, and the truth buried by time is slowly uncovered. When Ji Ping (Raymond Lam) fled overseas with injuries, Ji Fan followed his trail to his second home, a country in Europe, where he had grown up. While tracing Ji Ping’s whereabouts, Ji Fan also has to complete the undercover mission assigned by the organization to find out the controller behind the three major gangster families – Mr. A. To decipher the secret of the “Holy Grail”, a holy relic of the gangsters, Ji Fan is drawn into a gangster’s fight in a European country. With the help of the Czech police, Ji Fan finally finds out the true identity of Mr. A. Ji Ping’s target is also Mr. A. And all this is also inextricably linked to their past.

Besides, the main cast of Zheng Kai, Zhang Guoli, Lin Feng, and Lv Liang is also worth waiting for. Especially the two veteran actors Zhang Guoli and Lv Liang are worth waiting for. Because almost never play the negative role of Mr. Zhang Guoli in this drama as the “face of the beast” philanthropist, group boss, but in fact is indifferent, good at disguising the murderer accomplice; but often play the role of cunning, deceitful teacher Lv Liang, in this drama as a strong and powerful, respected deputy director of the police. So the two veteran actors in the drama rivalry a lot, and is a challenging role of the drama, is a major point of interest, worth looking forward to.

Zheng Kai, Zhang Guo, and Raymond Lam are full of contrast tension, breaking through the original screen image, the relationship between the three can be described as confusing and full of mystery. The drama is the first domestic Ministry of Public Security approved action suspense crime drama, Zheng Kai in the drama for the first time to try to participate in the production of film and television drama as a producer.

The first time Raymond Lam tries multiple identities, one person with a thousand faces; Zhang Guo also said goodbye to the modern drama of affection, for the first time in this kind of subject matter interpretation of key roles. In order to invite Raymond Lin to appear in the drama, Zheng Kai personally went to Hong Kong to throw him an olive branch of cooperation.


  • Drama: The Mask
  • Native Title: 也平凡
  • Also Known As: Ordinary
  • Genres: Mystery, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 31
  • Aired: Dec 6, 2021 – ?
  • Original Network: Dragon TV
  • Duration: 45 min.