The Magic (2021) Review


“Mojito” started filming for the first time on May 31st, and ended on October 19th, after about four months of journey, into post-production. To commemorate this, on the 14th, the last party was held in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, where actors and filming staff gathered and had a time of unity.

During filming, “Mojito” boasted the perfect compatibility between the actors. Since Seong-jun, Lim Ji-yeon, Baek Baek-hyun, and Kim Yun-hye were all of the same age, it was easy to form a consensus, and the atmosphere on the set was friendly. Seong-jun as Chi Ji Woo, who appears as a third-generation conglomerate and a negative heir in the play, said, “I met Lim Ji-yeon in previous works, so I was able to act comfortably like a friend. We had good breathing in acting together, and Jiyeon gave us a lot of coordination, so we were able to shoot comfortably,” he said.

Lim Ji-yeon, who played the role of So Joong Hee, who dreams of becoming a French chef, also expressed Seong-joon as “a friend” and said, “We know each other well because we did the same work two years ago. We worked together while talking about many parts on set.”

The finale scene was just as bright and cheerful as the filming site. In addition to Seong-Jun and Lim Ji-Yeon, the main characters of “Mojito” Baek Baek-Hyun, Kim Yun-Hye, Park Jun-Kyu, Jeong Kyung-Soon, Lee Byung-Jun, Park Hye-Mi, Seo Kyung-Hwa, Jang In-Sup, Lee Ji-Hyeong, Choi Seong-Jun, Gangnam, Choi Hee-Jin, etc. The actors and staff all had a good time sharing behind-the-scenes stories, and they added warmth to each other as they read through each other’s hardships.

On behalf of the filming staff and actors, director Jang Ji-gyu, who was in charge of directing, said, “Since it is pre-production, most of the filming took place in the summer. Despite the sweltering weather, the actors and staff all seemed to have finished the filming with one heart and one mind, so it’s good. Viewers who watch the drama will also be able to feel the passionate energy of the actors. I hope that you will look forward to the wonderful performances of the actors who have grown even further,” he said.

On the other hand, “Mojito” is a romantic comedy that depicts an episode in which a third-generation chaebol, who is a negative heir, meets a woman who is always short of balance even though she collects money like crazy. In addition, it seems to be able to catch the eyes of viewers in that it depicts the growth process of the youth of this age, which is sweet and bitter like the taste of a cocktail mojito. Seong-jun, who has undergone another acting transformation as a clever third-generation chaebol, takes on the role of the male lead Chi Ji Woo, and Lim Ji-yeon, who dreams of becoming a French chef, appears as the female protagonist, So Joong Hee.

In addition, Seong-jun will play the role of Choi Ji-woo, a third-generation chaebol and heir of enormous fortune, and Lim Ji-yeon will appear in the role of Cho So-hee, who has never lost her dream while working as a nightclub kitchen assistant to become a French chef despite a life of insufficient balance. It raised expectations for the work.

At the same time, Baek Sung Hyun transforms into a tall-legged man. Kim Yoon Hye in the role of Seo Ye-ji, the only daughter of the owner of a large corporation.

The main roles are also gorgeous. Actor Choi Seong-jun, who is also active in the entertainment industry recently, takes on the role of Choi Ji-hyeok, the devil robot team leader of the marketing team of a liquor company who only follows the manual. Singer Gangnam will challenge her first drama as Song Song, a Thai and Hongdae indie band leader, and talented actors such as Lee Han-wi, Lee Byung-jun, Jeong Kyung-soon, Park Hae-mi, Jang In-seop, Lee Ji-hyeong, Choi Ryeong, Choi Hee-jin, and Seo Kyung-hwa will appear and show off different performances.

The drama “Mojito”, which is considered one of the most anticipated works in the last half of 2021, is already receiving a lot of attention from overseas. As such, ‘Mojito’ is determined to show the essence of a romantic comedy that will draw the attention of viewers not only in Korea but also around the world in the second half of this year, utilizing the strength of pre-production with over two years of planning, a solid casting line, and perfect production preparation.


  • Drama: The Magic
  • Native Title: 모히또
  • Also Known As: Mohiddo , Mojito
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Airs: Dec 14, 2021 – ?
  • Duration: 60 min.