The Labyrinth (2021) Review


“The Labyrinth” is a horror fantasy movie depicting the struggle to save students who endure obsessions and difficulties from evil spirits that cause strange phenomena at night school. Kang Chan-hee, who has made impress with the drama ‘SKY Castle’ and continues his acting activities through various works, plays the role of Hee-min in “The Labyrinth”, the successor of Korea’s best exorcist, who has not yet realized his ability. Starting as a child actor, based on his solid acting skills, he has appeared in various works for a long time, and he is the first to challenge the exorcism genre.

In addition, Park Yu-Na, who drew attention with her unique charm in each of the works presented, takes on the role of So-Yeong in this movie, a girl who holds a secret about the curse of the school. In particular, Kang Chan-hee and Park Yuna have worked together in ‘SKY Castle’ and ‘True Beauty’, so it will be interesting to see what kind of synergy they will exert in this movie ‘The Labyrinth’.

Besides, veteran actor Jang Gwang, who has shown outstanding acting skills in works such as ‘The Crucible’, ‘Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King’ and ‘Along with the Gods’, will appear together. It is expected that the synergy between the rising star and the veteran actor will be met.

The released teaser poster captures the appearance of Kang Chan-hee staring somewhere in his with a wretched expression and focuses his attention. The copy ‘The barrier of evil spirits has broken and he has awakened’ stimulates curiosity about the mysterious event that made him awaken. In addition, the school engulfed in darkness seen from the back reveals the presence of those lurking in it, providing tension.

The movie has a story line in which the main character, Lee Hee-Min, who gets caught up in a strange phenomenon at school the night before “White Day” (March 14), uncovers the secrets of the school. Basically, the main story is similar to the original story, but as a movie with a limited running time, originality is added to various elements.

In particular, the main character, Lee Hee-Min, is set to be ‘the heir of the exorcist’ unlike the original, and therefore the movie is expected to show a differentiating charm from the game ‘a combination of horror and fantasy’.

The exorcist ‘Mu-yeong’, which was not present in the original, appears anew. To take on her role as her exorcist, she sacrifices her life to ward off her grudge that threatens her students, but she does not show much performance.

The man who exploded the tension in the original, the janitor, the creepy spider ghost, and the bathroom ghost appear in the movie.

The spider ghost and bathroom ghost made me tremble by giving them a more intense visual than the horror I felt in the original. Other evil spirits sometimes had a lot of special makeup and sometimes the flow was broken, but the ghost’s visual and sound gave a thrill and fear that could not be overlooked.

In addition, the sound of the key from the janitor, who grew stronger as he got closer, gave a breath-taking tension that was comparable to the original. New evil spirits appear toward the second half and heart-pounding sounds make you feel a sense of fear that you cannot be vigilant for even for a moment.

If you’re a fan of the original game, I think it’s visually not bad. Rather than thinking about and watching the original game, I think it will be more interesting to see this movie with the charm of following the flow of the story and finding out how it has changed from the original.


  • Movie: The Labyrinth
  • Native Title: 화이트데이: 귀멸의 퇴마학교
  • Also Known As: White Day: School of Demon Exorcism, White Day: Exorcism School of Demonic Exorcism, Hwaiteudei: Gwimyeolui Toemahaggyo, 화이트데이: 귀멸의 퇴마학교, White Day: Broken Limit, 화이트데이: 부서진 결계
  • Genres: Horror, Fantasy
  • Country: South Korea
  • Release Date: Oct 6, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older