The Korean Ministry Of Defense Walks Back On Order To Conduct Poll To Help Decide On What To Do With BTS’s Enlistment

It seems like the highly controversial poll from The South Korean Ministry of National Defense is not happening.

Recently, we reported that the South Korean Ministry of National Defense will conduct a poll in regard to the matter of BTS’s enlistment. The news was revealed by Lee Jong Sup, the Minister of Defense, who ordered officials to carry out a survey on whether the group should be granted exemption or not.

Lee Jong Sup said that they have set a deadline and will order the poll very soon empathizing that they would reach a conclusion as soon as possible based on the results of the poll. Minister Lee said, “We will make a decision on the BTS (military service) issue carefully, taking into account the opinions of several lawmakers and considering the national interest from various dimensions, but we will make a decision as soon as possible.”

However, according to new reports by Korean media outlets, the poll has been scrapped. The Ministry of Defense told news outlets they will not push ahead with a poll and emphasized that the original motivation behind the tool was not that it would be a ‘deciding tool,’ but a measurement of how the public felt about the matter.

The news comes at a critical time since BTS Jin turns 30 this year and must enlist before 2022 ends.

The government is being criticized for the way they’re handling the situation. Many reacted negatively to the news of the survey for different reasons, ARMY believe that lawmakers refuse to leave the members alone to decide for themselves and are using their names for clout while others believe BTS should serve and a poll should not help decide this decision.

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