The Girl on a Bulldozer (2021) Review


Officially invited to the ‘Korean Cinema Today – Panorama’ section of the 26th Busan International Film Festival this year, “The Girl on a Bulldozer” is a 19-year-old girl Hye-young digs into the hidden truth about her father’s sudden car accident to protect her home and her brother. It’s a self-contained movie.

Actress Kim Hye-Yoon takes on the role of Hye-Yeong, is a hopeless girl, who is fearless and has an evil spirit. She showed both strength and innocence in the dramas ‘SKY Castle’ and ‘Extraordinary You’, and gave her acting skills to pass points. As the title of the movie, she plays a character who has a dragon tattoo on her arm and runs freely on a bulldozer towards the unjust world and those who belong to it.

Hae Young often uses vulgar language and is even violent. She is a terrible troublemaker. She does not have a mother and lives with her father, who runs a Chinese restaurant, and has a younger sibling. One day, her father has a mysterious accident, which places her in a position of responsibility. She is now not only the head of the house and must look after her younger sibling, but also an investigator tasked with finding the truth about the accident, and a fighter standing against the ugly world.

Actor Park Hyuk-Kwon takes on the role of Bon-jin, Hye-young’s father. After meeting the president of a heavy equipment company aiming to advance into politics, he falls unconscious due to a mysterious accident in which he crashes into the railing of his leg.

As the debut movie of rookie director Park Yi-Woong, he wrote the screenplay inspired by the true story of people who drove heavy equipment and slammed into government offices. By choosing a girl who is trying to hide her fear of going out into the world with violence as the main character, she gains emotional sympathy from the audience while presenting a different and powerful story.

On the other hand, the poster for “The Girl on a Bulldozer”, in which Hye-young’s desperate yet angry expression on a bulldozer catches her attention, is in stark contrast to the huge bulldozer wheel, raising the question of why the dwarf girl had to ride the bulldozer. 

In fact, Kim Hye-Yoon poured hot energy into her role, such as handling a bulldozer and expressed the boiling inner side of her character with her whole body. Regarding this invitation to the Busan International Film Festival for “The Girl on a Bulldozer”, actress Kim Hye-Yoon said, “I am so honored and grateful to have been invited to the film festival with a meaningful film.

Yesung will be cast in the movie ‘The Girl on a Bulldozer’ and will play the role of ‘Go Yoo-suk’, a scene-stealer detective who sharply digs up the case in the movie. He is a detective, who tries to help Hye-young, but her life is far from being easy or organized. Besides, they also have a lot of difficulty in finding the truth.

Previously, Yesung (Super Junior) played the role of ‘Yongwoon’, the main character of the 2016 Japanese romantic comedy ‘My Korean Teacher’ debuting on the screen, the film received a warm response abroad, including being officially invited to the Tokyo International Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, and Australia-Japan Film Festival.

In addition, as Yesung was well-received for his impressive performance in dramas such as JTBC’s ‘Awl’ and OCN’s ‘Voice’, expectations are high for the new appearance to be shown in this ‘The Girl on a Bulldozer’.


  • Movie: The Girl on a Bulldozer
  • Native Title: 불도저에 탄 소녀
  • Also Known As: The Girl on the Bulldozer, Girl On a Bulldozer, Buldojeoe Tan Sonyeo, The Girl Riding a Bulldozer
  • Genres: Mystery, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Release Date: Oct 8, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 52 min.
  • Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older