The Flowers Are Blooming (2021) Review


The two main actors of this drama are now extremely hot stars, which makes the audience feel that the director has an eye for picking people, and the two main actors are now first-line stars, and in addition to the two main actors, the supporting cast of this drama is also very impressive.

The second female of this drama think we have heard of her, she is a former member of SNH48, now THE NINE group, Xu Jiaqi. Since she took part in “Youth With You 2”, Xu Jiaqi has received widespread attention, and with her high face value and singing and dancing strength, she has attracted many fans, and therefore Xu Jiaqi has become one of the more famous members of THE NINE. In the drama, Xu Jiaqi’s debut in a costume drama with a female lead.

So what is this drama? The drama is “The Flowers Are Blooming”. This drama is different from Xu Jiaqi’s past dramas, in this drama Xu Jiaqi will play the female lead in a costume drama for the first time, which is an extremely important resource turn for Xu Jiaqi, to know that Xu Jiaqi played most of the female second in the past, so this time in the female lead, this drama is really important for her.

The story of this drama is what it is about? This drama is about Princess Chen Lang Yue of Daxiao, played by Xu Jia Qi, who sneaks out of the palace and meets Li Qing Feng, a talented material maker who is quite accomplished in construction work, and joins their team after getting to know each other.

Favored by the former emperor, Princess Chen Lang Yue was allowed to grow up free and unrestrained despite living within the confines of the palace. She is not only a stunning beauty but also proficient in everything from poetry to music. Filled with a thirst for knowledge, Chen Lang Yue who is buoyed by her interest in construction sneaks out of the palace to join a team of craftsmen.

Li Qing Feng formed the Muyu team with his childhood friend Luo Ye. Luo Qing Feng is a genius in architecture. He comes from an aristocratic family. However, he is insecure about his status as an illegitimate son. Together, eight young individuals with different personalities collaborate to build an interesting architecture.

This drama as Xu Jiaqi’s first female drama, think than the shape or have to be more concerned about Xu Jiaqi in this drama performance, then as for Xu Jiaqi in this drama will have what outstanding performance, and will bring us what wonderful performance, let us look forward to it together!

A few very different personalities of the Daxiao teenagers in order to their hearts and ideals gathered together, together to transform strange and interesting buildings, sometimes quarrelsome, sometimes warm and mutual support, through the twists and turns of hardship, transforming the building also transformed their own hearts.

The biggest highlight of the drama is to break the mold of the previous costume drama kind of story, it breaks the traditional story themes such as palace fighting, honey, trapping, love, etc., and the drama with the theme of architecture, which can be said to represent the cultural connotation on the building, in addition to the twists and turns of the storyline, ups and downs, and the whole story is throughout the elements of friendship, unity, and advancement.


  • Drama: The Flowers Are Blooming
  • Native Title: 清风朗月花正开
  • Also Known As: Qing Feng Lang Yue Hua Zheng Kai, 清風朗月花正開, 清风朗月
  • Director: Kenne Yam
  • Genres: Friendship, Historical, Romance
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 24
  • Airs: Dec 19, 2021
  • Airs On: Sunday
  • Original Network: iQiyi, Tencent Video