The Cave (2021) Review


“The Cave” is a work in the 14th Korean Academy of Motion Picture Academy’s feature film research course. Expectations of the film industry are gathering at the meeting of veterans who have built up public trust with their acting skills that naturally permeate into each work.

First, Yoo Da-in transforms into Min-hee, works as a writer and lifeguard, who loses her husband and faces many changes in the movie. After her husband’s sudden death, Min-hee finds her husband’s longing for Jeju, where she experiences a whirlwind of emotions through an unexpected encounter.

Yoo Da-in, who has recently demonstrated an extraordinary acting spectrum in films such as ‘The Snob’ and the drama ‘Into the Ring’, is expected to show everything from delicate and transparent emotional performances like watercolors to provocative charms that add tension to the play. In particular, she plans to create explosive synergy with Jo Eun-Ji, who has confirmed her appearance in the opposite role.

Jung Young Sub takes on the role of ‘Gyung-chi’, the husband of Min-hee (Yoo Da-in). Gyung-chi is a character who dies suddenly, leaving behind enigmatic questions and holds the clue to the story.

In the recent tvN drama ‘Memorist’, Jung Young-sub, an accomplice to a serial killer and an unknown mystery character, gave a strong lingering impression. In addition, it is expected to add fun to the play with Yoo Da-in and Jo Eun-Ji’s breathing with different resolutions.

Jo Eun-Ji takes on the role of Mok-ha, a single mother who lives on Jeju Island. Mok-ha is a free-spirited owner who runs a cafe and occasionally hosts amateur yoga classes. She becomes a neighbor to Min-hee, who came down from Seoul and is a person who causes various emotional changes.

Jo Eun-Ji has recently shown the splendor of a veteran by freely moving back and forth between charisma and life-oriented acting in movies such as ‘The Villainess’, ‘Confession of Murder’ and ‘Falling for Innocence’. In this work, Jo Eun-Ji is expected to play Mok-ha, a cheerful personality that makes everyone feel good, and shows off her cool charm, while drawing a strangely sharp emotional line with her opponent, Yoo Da-in.

Min-Hee begins to feel comfortable in Jeju until she learns about the past of Mok Ha, her neighbor. She thinks they can be good friends at first. But in fact, there is some secret story in their relationship.


  • Movie: The Cave
  • Native Title: 낮과 달
  • Also Known As: Najgwa Dal, Nachgwa Dal, Day and Moon
  • Genres: Mystery, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Release Date: Oct 8, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 52 min.
  • Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older