Garam-ah… Even if you’re uploading new past pictures of yourself, you won’t be able to become a celebrity again….ㅋㅋ..

+ I thought that she posted these directly for her fans but seeing like they were shared by egg accounts on Twitter

Unless these were posted by Kim Garam or Kim Garam’s friends, there’s no way they would be able to obtain those pictures no?

post response:


1. [+196, -1]

Seems like she had fun being a celebrity for 2 weeks

2. [+186, -2]

But no matter how many past pictures she uploads, nothing will win over the blackboard picture

3. [+113, 0]

I don’t think that she wants to be a celebrity again but that she’s embarrassed so she’s trying to upload normal pictures of herself

4. [+68, 0]

For realㅋㅋㅋ Garam-ah, don’t push yourself too hardㅜ Anyways, your image is already f*cking ruined and your existence will just be forgotten with time so just live quietly as a commoner

5. [+43, 0]

Seriously, this is so dirty. Her celebrity life is already over but this is like her last desperate struggle

6. [+40, 0]

She failed because of herself. It’s like she’s thinking “I can’t be over just like this. I’m not someone like that. For my career to end like this is ridiculous. This all happened because of bad luck”, so she’s persistently trying to resort to other tactics


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