I thought that a woman’s height didn’t matter 

But after watching Hangout With Yoo, I got freaking shocked…

Seems like I wasn’t aware since they only showed kids of similar heights so far…

Seeing them putting people who weren’t originally in the same team together like this,

you can see the difference in height in such an obvious way..

I realized that women’s height and proportions were f*cking important too..

I’m so annoyed since I’m short

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1. [+303, -37]

Isn’t this obvious? Even for girls, they only look pretty when they are tall and have long legs

2. [+259, -56]

I’m in my 20’s and the more I get older, the more I see being tall as a good thing. When I was younger, the shorter kids were honestly more popular and I thought that they looked cuter. But the more I age and meet people dressing up in their casual clothes, I started naturally thinking that being tall was actually a good thing. I’m not only talking about the fit of clothes but being tall also gives you an aura, and people won’t mess with yo easily. Men also slowly started to view tall women as “women” in a charming way

3. [+253, -3]

I’ve never thought that Yoon Eunhye was tall but… maybe it’s because she was paired with people like Gong Yoo and Joo Jihoon

4. p_203, -15]

F*ck… I’m short and reading these comments break my heartㅠ It’s true that being tall for a woman is a good thing… Shorter girls also envy tall girls ㅠㅠㅠㅠ f*ck. Just where are tall girls even getting hated? It’s only the short girls who are getting hate???ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

5. [+138, -11]

Can people not live without judging other people’s bodies… seems like judging others is just a natural thing to do…

6. [+112, -4]

Yoon Eunhye is tall but Park Jin Joo is also 160 so I think that she looks fine. But Jo Hyun Ah’s profile says that she’s 153.. at her height, she’s indeed considered short…


In reality, nobody cares if you’re tall or short. Short kids also live just fine but Pann weirdly praises tall kids so much while dragging short kids. I’m also on the taller side but I seriously don’t understand this

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1. [+302, -36]

There are a lot of kids who have nothing else than their height so that’s why. They are the same as the kids who have nothing else but their double eyelids

2. [+210, -15]

I’m short and every time I see those kind of posts, I get freaking sad

3. [+191, -17]

I’m just a short girl minding my own business but I’m f*cking getting dragged

4. [+105, -3]

For real, as soon as people start talking about height, people start worrying about short girls’ ability to get married, their genes and descendants and whatnot

5. [+84, -13]

It’s because these kids are only tall but have rotten faces


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