Speed of Happiness (2021) Review


The movie “Speed of Happiness”, which finds the meaning of true happiness through ‘botcah(봇카)’ (the traditional carriers manually transporting luggage) working in ‘Oze’, a vast marshland where natural beauty lives and breathes, announced the confirmation of its release in November.

The movie “Speed of Happiness”, which was screened at the 25th Busan International Film Festival and the 18th EBS International Documentary Film Festival, and was a hot topic even before its release, will be released in November and gather topics. ‘Speed of Happiness’ is about discovering the meaning of true happiness through the daily lives of ‘Igarashi’ and ‘Ishitaka’, who work as ‘botcah(봇카)’ who deliver luggage to mountain huts in ‘Oze National Park’, and check the ‘speedometer’ of life. It is a documentary of opportunity.

“Speed of Happiness” captures the daily lives of veterans ‘botcah(봇카)’, ‘Igarashi’ and ‘Ishitaka’ who work in ‘Oze National Park’ surrounded by vast wetlands. Oze wetland was created when lava flowed from a volcanic eruption about 10,000 years ago blocked the river. Many tourists visit Oze to see the unique natural scenery and plants that only bloom here and 6 botcah(봇카) transport food for tourists to 10 mountain huts. The appearance of ‘botcah(봇카)’, which is loaded high on a forge and transported on foot, presents a rare scenery that is not commonly seen today.

The movie focuses on the daily life of Igarashi, who works as a ‘botcah(봇카)’ for 24 years, and Ishitaka, a ‘botcah(봇카)’ with 9 years of experience and the representative of ‘Japan Youth botcah(봇카) University’. ‘Igarashi’ works as a ‘botcah(봇카)’ for a long time and walks and walks every day, but enjoys simple happiness by capturing the ever-changing scenery of ‘Oze’ on camera. On the other hand, ‘Ishitaka’ is busy running without proper rest in order to introduce the profession of ‘botcah(봇카)’ to the world.

‘Speed of Happiness’ shows the lives of two ‘botcah(봇카)’ who do the same job but have different paces and directions of life will give you time. In addition, the beautiful four seasons of ‘Oze’, which is called ‘Heaven’s Garden’, and the noble job of ‘botcah(봇카)’, which is so noble that walking slowly with a heavy load is reminiscent of a pilgrimage route, will provide comfort to the audience who are tired of Corona 19.


  • Movie: Speed of Happiness
  • Native Title: 행복의 속도
  • Also Known As: Haengbokeui Sokdo
  • Genres: Documentary
  • Country: South Korea
  • Release Date: Nov 18, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 54 min.

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