Solitude Ability (2021)


A coming-of-age movie by director Eda Yuka (Sayonara Spica, Girl Encounter), inspired by the music of singer-songwriter Karin. The film is beautifully shot and depicts the main character, who is in her adolescence and is unsure of her gender identity, but after meeting someone, she comes to terms with her inner turmoil.

Aki (played by) is an adolescent who is still unsure of her identity and gender identity. When Aki moves to a new school, she meets and begins to spend time with Kiita (played by Onodera Akira). As they spend time together, Aki eventually comes to terms with the feelings that have been building up in her mind like stagnation.

Ito, who has appeared in such films as “Kakegurui The Movie” and “It’s a Summer Film “, thí time, takes on the challenge of playing a boy as the main character, Aki. Akira Onodera, who also co-starred with Ito in “Solitude Ability”, plays the role of Kiita.


  • Movie: Solitude Ability
  • Native Title: 息をするように
  • Also Known As: Breathing Like, Iki wo Suru yo ni
  • Director: Eda Yuka
  • Genres: Youth, Drama
  • Country: Japan
  • Release Date: Sep 18, 2021