Snow Lover (2021) Review


Produced by Beijing Honghao Film and Culture Co., directed by Liang Hao, scripted by Guo Xiaojing, starring young actors Gao Minrui, Xu Xiaonuo, Zhang Xin, Zeng Ke Lang, with a special appearance by Yu Yijie, the 24-episode urban youth inspirational web drama “Snow Lover”, which took 40 days to transfer from Chongli Fulong Ski Resort to Suzhou, was officially completed recently. At the same time released a set of super sweet value stills, in advance to pull full audience expectations.

It is reported that the drama is about a pair of misunderstanding breakup of first love lovers, because of planning ski game “powder snow” again cross, similar situation, common skiing hobby, each other again mutual attraction, mutual encouragement to break through the career bottleneck, re-write the romantic story. In the plot set up a blend of “broken mirror reunion” and other popular elements, and for the audience to create two pairs of contrasting couple combinations – the emotional quotient of the line steel straight. The male vs. the scriptwriter who knows the idol drama routine, the single mother of the little masterpiece vs. the mute and introverted snowboarding god, and the “small generation” of He Feng’s brother-in-law He Jingxiao, on the one hand, as the hero’s wingman, on the other hand, as a representative of modern young people to break through the constraints of the family and master their own lives. Such very contrasting and complementary characteristics of the role will collide with a different comedy effect and sweet sparks.

As the second part of the “Skiing” series produced by Honghao Pictures, “Pink Snow” has shown a lot of “ambition” in the shooting, not only does the drama have superb skiing scenes, but also the “youthful inspiration” and “sweetness”. ” “sweet pet” “idol” at the same time, the idol drama and realism are linked. For this reason, the drama specially invited a filming team that specializes in realistic subjects – director Liang Hao, who was the cinematographer for the movie “Nanjing Nanjing” and director of photography in “My Natasha” and “Elite Lawyer”, “Pink Snow” is his fifth work as a director, and will show romantic and beautiful images in Liang’s lens. In addition, the drama extended the production team and art director of the first ski drama, in order to complete the filming task during the special period, we sincerely cooperate, not only the whole real-life filming but in the scenery also especially combined with the main character, adding a lot of thoughtful small design, such as the female lead Wang Xiaoan as the scriptwriter and bestie Lin Jinjin as the female star of their respective room layout, when the audience can carefully experience in the drama.

For the sweetness index of the drama, several male actors said “Pink Snow” breakthrough their first time, “the first time to shoot so much emotional drama” “the first time to shoot kissing scenes”, when asked specifically which drama sweetness value impressive, several lead actors have sold up When asked which specific drama sweet value is impressive, several lead actors have sold “refused to spoilers”, and big boast exceeded expectations, welcome the audience to follow the drama to decipher.


  • Drama: Snow Lover
  • Native Title: 爱在粉雪时光
  • Also Known As: 愛在粉雪時光, Ai Zai Fen Xue Shi Guang, Love in the powder snow time
  • Director: Liang Hao
  • Genres: Romance, Sports
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 24
  • Airs: Oct 26, 2021
  • Airs On: Tuesday
  • Original Network: iQiyi