Singer Crush Discharged From The Military Service Today, First Public Appearance Already Confirmed

Singer Crush will return to the music scene after completing his military duty.

Crush is said to be discharged from the military on the morning of August 11. He joined the army last November 2020. He served as a substitute for a year and nine months as a social worker

Crush will start full-fledged activities on August 28. He will be on the stage of the “2022 Respect Festival” at 88 grass yard in Seoul Olympic Park.

It is expected to accelerate its music activities. Crush has displayed unique tones through his songs such as “Sofa,” “Don’t Forget,” and “Beautiful.”

Crush is in a public relationship with Red Velvet’s Joy. The two became lovers while working on the 2020 single “Mayday”

Are you excited to see Crush ?

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