Short Bus: Mysterious Reality (2021) Review


The short film universe ‘Short Bus’, which runs from July to December, is a relaying project that reconstructs 26 short films loved at domestic and foreign film festivals into 6 omnibus features and releases one film sequentially every month at Lotte Cinema Arte.

A short film directed by Professor Jeon Yun-soo of the Department of Cultural Contents will be released on September 30th as a project called “Short Bus: Mysterious Reality”. The ‘Short Bus’ project is a relaying project that reconstructs 26 short films that received attention from the audience and critics at domestic and international film festivals into 6 omnibus feature films and opens them sequentially.

The movie “Short Bus: Mysterious Reality”, directed by Professor Jeon Yun-soo, depicts a surreal incident facing a long-time caregiver who lives with the pain of the past. This is a film that raises a heavy topic about euthanasia. The running time is 17 minutes, and the lead actor is Kim In-soo.

The “Short Bus” project, supported by the Korean Film Council, consists of 6 omnibus features from 26 short films that received attention from audiences and critics at domestic and international film festivals. This project, which shares various themes of short films through sequential releases for six months. The ‘Short Bus’ project starts with ‘Short Bus Farewell’, ‘Short Bus to Emotional’ (August), ‘Short Bus To Strange’ (September), ‘Short Bus To Creepy’ (October), ‘Short Bus To Supervised’ ‘(November) and ‘Short Bus Actor’ (December) will meet with the audience sequentially.

The films “Short Bus: Mysterious Reality”, screened together this time, are thrilling and exciting stories that stimulate the imagination as “Korean version of Stranger Things”. ‘Short Bus: Mysterious Reality’ will be released on September 30th at Lotte Cinemas in 15 theaters nationwide, including Lotte Cinema Arte.

The main poster, released along with the news of the release date confirmed, arouses curiosity by combining a cat passenger seen through the window of the ‘Short Bus’ and a copy of ‘Will the cat be grumpy if we break up?’

The poster is an illustration poster created with the motif of the scene where the main character Hye-soo (Kim Jae-Hwa) is comforted by a cat in ‘Neutralization’. It was completed in collaboration with artist Yeji Yoon, who recently won the Red Dot Design Award, and Pygmalion Studio, which has many fans through sensuous poster work such as the movie ‘Minari’ and the JTBC drama ‘Monthly Book’.

BJ Boyzie illegally broadcasts female footage online. As soon as his broadcasts didn’t go his way, he feels suspicious.

Joan meets a man on a dating app. However, this man knows her real name and address without her saying them.

A year after his daughter went missing, Jae Woo, who runs a lost and found discovered a strange object.

Hong Seok who is being chased by loansharks accidentally finds a vending machine that only gives back 500 won.

Unknown graffiti keeps on appearing on Jang Soo’s body who is taking care of nursing patients all day long. “Please, kill me”

Thrilling stories, each person and situation are integrated with the same frame to create the movie. Please wait for the movie to see the next evolution of the characters, go through their emotions and uncover the mysteries behind them.


  • Movie: Short Bus: Mysterious Reality
  • Native Title: 숏버스 기묘행
  • Also Known As: Syotbeoseu Gimyohaeng
  • Director: Professor Jeon Yun-soo
  • Country: South Korea
  • Release Date: Sep 23, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 6 min.