Secrets of 1979 (2021) Review


Director Zero Chou’s “Secrets of 1979” will start, and actress Yu Chen specially cut her 4-year-old hair and compose a section with actress Liu Qianwen. Ambiguous feelings at Kaohsiung Banana Farm in the 1980s.

The movie recounts the summer vacation in 1979. The main female Meng Juan (played by  Yu Chen) invited her college classmate Shulan (played by Liu Qianwen) to the Banana garden at hometown to help harvest. The two secretly developed an ambiguous friendship, and even went to the Formosa Magazine to speak out for freedom and human rights. Seeing that they found their hearts, they stepped into the storm of white terror without realizing it.

Chen Yu said goodbye to her long hair and turned into an infatuated woman. He and Liu Qianyu, who had competed with Japanese actress Rie Miyazawa for the best actress at the Tokyo Film Festival, talked about taboos from the Banana Garden. Love affair, the two are full of affection, sweet and passionate to the bed.

Yu Chen challenged the gay role for the first time and did enough practise for the movie. “I referred to a book “Ama’s Girlfriend”. The book interviewed quite a lot of Taiwanese lesbians of different ages. I chose a few references, and after discussing with the director the experience of my friends, I have a clearer setting.”

Yu Chen would also invite Liu Qianwen to the exhibition in private to cultivate her feelings. She also thanked the other party for giving her a lot of security and was able to participate in the performance without any worries. She said with a smile, “I can set my handsomeness well.”

Liu Qianwen, from Malaysia, is very happy to perform this true performance for Malaysian overseas Chinese. Liu Qianyu revealed that this is the first time she has been asked to act as a Malaysian in the four years since she came to Taiwan. “Because the role is set to be a foreigner, the pressure of speaking Taiwanese has also been reduced.” But also because of the epidemic, she came to Taiwan to work in March. After that, she was unable to return to Malaysia, which made her miss the chance to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with her family and felt a little homesick.

“Secrets of 1979” is also the chapter of Zero Chou’s Six-City Rainbow Project documenting the life history of LGBT Asian Chinese. Zero Chou revealed that this script has been in preparation for a long time, “My relatives themselves are also banana farmers in the south. Gender issues have been the subject of my long-term concern. Therefore, such scripts have been produced. In the past, other manufacturers have been somewhat resistant to discussing gender and politics at the same time. , But this time the PTV Channel is willing to accept such a topic story, I want to say it will be photographed properly.”

In addition to “Secrets of 1979,” PTV Channel is expected to launch TV movies that include labor rights, women, and environmental protection in the future. It looks forward to a more comprehensive dialogue with the public through diverse themes and a new route of Taiwanese narrative.


  • Movie: Secrets of 1979
  • Native Title: 芎蕉園的秘密
  • Also Known As: Secrets of Xiong Jiao Garden, Qiong Jiao Yuan De Mi Mi
  • Screenwriter & Director: Zero Chou
  • Genres: Horror, Romance, Drama
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Release Date: Sep 15, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 30 min
  • Stars: Daphne Low, Yu Chen, Hsu Yu Ting