Roger Federer unveils Moët & Chandon’s vineyard secrets

You’ve seen Roger Federer stroll into Moët & Chandon’s hallowed cellars and uncover the secrets behind a very prestigious label. Now, you’ll find out just how often its vineyard needs to be watered — and you’d be surprised.

In the third episode of his “Through the eyes of…” series, the tennis superstar digs deep into the time-tested soil of Moët & Chandon’s vineyard to ask the age old question of “how much water does it take to grow grapes for champagne?”

The land here might have been home to the Maison since 1743, but dates back thousands of years and is a curious mix of soil and a natural chalky layer, the latter of which will truly surprise you.

This combination is unique to the Champagne region of France, and it’s what protects and keeps the precious grapes round and juicy even during droughts, so you’ll always have quality bubbly no matter what.

Intrigued? So are we. Watch the third episode of Federer’s adventures during his time at Moët & Chandon’s vineyards below.

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