Reset (2022) Review


The new drama “Reset” (Director by Sun Mo Long) by the noon sunshine production, adapted from the novel “Kai Duan” (开端) by Qi Dao Jun (祈祷君). “This drama starring Bai Jingting starred in the play’s male protagonist Xiao He-yun, Zhao Jinmai starred in the play’s female protagonist Li Shi Qing.

The drama is written by Prayer Jun, Qiu Yujie, and Count (Old Count), directed by Sun Molong, Liu Hongyuan, and Count (Old Count), with Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai in the lead roles, Hou Hongliang as the chief producer and Zhao Ziyu as the producer. Liu Tao, Huang Jue, and other actors appeared at the opening ceremony along with the creators, and the mysterious roles led to speculation.

The story of Xiao He-yun (Bai Jingting), a game architect, and Li Shi-Qing (Zhao Jinmai), a college student, they both come back from the dead after a bus explosion and go through a time loop during the time of the bus accident.

The time loop is a non-realistic setting, and in a setting rarely attempted in Chinese dramas, “Reset” tells a story with a realistic core. The main characters, Xiao He-Yun and Li Shi-Qing, two ordinary people who lack the aura of a protagonist, experience life and death challenges again and again to achieve self-growth. The passengers on the bus, with different identities and experiences, have their own dilemmas and hopes for their future lives.

Through their experiences, one can see the thickness of life, the gesture of survival, and feel the meaning of life. In the process of going through the cycle of time and searching for the truth, the drama will also focus on some social phenomena and explore real-life issues. The truth of the explosion is hidden in layers of fog, but justice will eventually come, as the main character’s name foretells, ushering in the “clear sky a crane row of clouds, then lead poetry to the sky” of the clear and open.

The original author of “Reset”, “The Beginning” and other novels, Prayer Jun, participated in the script adaptation of the TV series “Reset”. Qiu Yujie, who was involved in the scriptwriting work of the TV series “Love You Like The Mountains And Ocean” and the movie “A Cloud Made of Rain in the Wind”, and Old Count, the director and scriptwriter of the TV series “Madhouse”, have made outstanding contributions to the scriptwriting work of the series.

It is reported that the drama will finish filming in Xiamen and is scheduled to land on Tencent Video for exclusive broadcast. Let’s watch the movie, the movie is expected to have a lot of interesting things, and it is worth your wait.


  • Drama: Reset
  • Native Title: 开端
  • Also Known As: 開端, Reset, Kai Duan
  • Director: Sun Mo Long
  • Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 15
  • Airs: Jan 11, 2022 – ?
  • Airs On: Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Duration: 45 min.

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