Rains keep Japan in suspense – At least one fatality

Japan is once again hit by the forces of nature. Record rainfall is causing rivers to swell dangerously. There is an acute danger of landslides and flooding.

Tokyo – Massive rainfall in large areas of Japan has killed at least one person as a result of a landslide.

Hundreds of thousands of people in several prefectures of the island kingdom were urged Friday to seek safety from the danger of floods and landslides. Meanwhile, the government set up a crisis task force in the morning.

The National Meteorological Administration warned residents on the southwestern main island of Kyushu of extremely high danger from landslides as a result of record heavy rainfall. There, in Nagasaki Prefecture, one person died as a result of a landslide in the town of Unzen, local media reported. Two people were considered missing.

Rainfall, some of which was record heavy, spread to large areas of the country. In nine of the country’s prefectures, some 1.5 million households were urged to seek safety, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK. Television showed streets under water and rivers swelling menacingly.

The highest warning level was also in effect in the hard-hit city of Hiroshima and the surrounding area. Rivers there also swelled threateningly. For the coming days, the meteorological authority warned of further rainfall extending to the northeast.

As a result of global warming, the Japanese island archipelago is increasingly being hit by heavy rainfall. As a result, landslides are also becoming more frequent in the mountainous country.