Purple Kiss, the irreplaceable performance of ‘Theme Doll’…’Bye Bye Bully’ choreography practice video released


Purple Kiss (Park Ji-eun, Na Go-eun, Dosie, Ireh, Yuki, Chaein, Swan) released the choreography practice video of the intro song ‘Intro: Bye Bye Bully’ of their 4th mini album ‘Geekyland’ through the official social media on the 1st.  

In the released video, Purple Kiss showed off the performance of the intro song ‘Intro: Bye Bye Bully’, exuding the plain clothes fashion and superior visuals that made use of each member’s individuality. 

‘Intro: Bye Bye Bully’ is a song with a message to say goodbye to the bad ‘Bully’ who hurt and torment others and not to be swayed by them anymore. 

Before the release of the new album, Purple Kiss received a warm response by releasing a performance video for the intro song ‘Intro: Bye Bye Bully’ and performing a different level of performance. Expectations are high as to what kind of performance Purple Kiss will show through this new album, which has established itself as a ‘representative theme idol of the 4th generation’ by constantly expanding its original worldview. 

Meanwhile, Purple Kiss continues to be active with their new song ‘Nerdy’.


Source: www.osen.co.kr