Proof of Silence (2021) Review


The web drama “Proof of Silence” held its opening ceremony at the Huilong Wanda Jiahua Hotel in North Bay, Xiamen. The drama is produced by Sohu Video and produced by Blue Shield Pictures and Shanghai Silver Pupil Culture Media Co. Chief producer Feng Xingyao, director Wang Rong, Jia Xu, starring Sheng Yinghao, Kang Keren, Wang Shuang, Deng Kai, Sun Jiaqi, Sun Xizhi, and other creators gathered at the scene.

The story of “Proof of Silence” begins in Jianghai City, the world live platform a connection, a female Internet user was accidentally attacked by masked people kidnapped, the criminal investigation detachment in the deployment of the team leader Huang Zhenheng to investigate this, the young detective Chen Mo from the neighboring city of Jiangtai provided important clues, locked the identity of the victim of the female Internet user is actually Jiangtai six months ago two vicious cases of important associates.

For a confusing case within a case, young detective Chen Mo (played by Sheng Ying Hao) exhausted himself, like a faithful hound, capturing every scent left by the criminals and constantly pursuing them, with the help of the very chivalrous rich second generation Wang Zi (played by Caren Kang), bold and persistent hostess Su Wen (Simona Wang), and others, finally cracking the criminals and the cunning mastermind hidden deep, fully demonstrating the charming style of contemporary police with high emotional and intellectual intelligence. Reiterates the creed of justice that there is no perfect crime in the world and that any crime will reveal a breach.

The drama does not pursue bloody and violent crime sequences, does not use sensational deaths as a gimmick, does not create horrific suspense, but strives to portray real-life details through the main character’s delicate and subtle means of detection and courageous pursuit, fully demonstrating the charm of realistic subjects and highlighting the eternal theme of love and justice is always priceless and sometimes.

In addition, the cast and characters are also youthful and hot, very interesting, hot-blooded young detective Chen Mo (played by Sheng Yinghao), bold and persistent hostess Su Wen (played by Kang Ke Ren), both good and evil, with a complex “double personality” Nicco (Wang Shuang special role), very chivalrous rich young Wang Zi (played by Deng Kai), daring love and hate police officer Liang Gui. The story strives to get rid of character stereotypes, and the main characters are not perfect. They face difficult choices under difficult circumstances and make the right choice under the bond of friendship, conscience, and responsibility, highlighting the values of the youth of the new era, and contrasting with the negative characters who are set on the road of no return by their own selfish desires. The eternal theme of “righteousness is always priceless, and justice is always at hand”.

The teaser shows suspense, a rich reserve of a suspense drama, each episode will ensure that the suspense drama is frequently carefully sculpted.


  • Drama: Proof of Silence
  • Native Title: 沉默的证明
  • Also Known As: Chen Mo De Zhen Ming
  • Genres: Thriller, Mystery
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Nov 9, 2021 – Dec 7, 2021
  • Aired On: Tuesday
  • Original Network: Sohu TV