Perhaps Love (2021) Review


A poster showing the variety of chemistry of the movie “Perhaps Love” (director Eunji Jo) has been released.

On the 20th, NEW released a chemistry explosion poster for “Perhaps Love”. “Perhaps Love” is a film depicting the variety of private life of a bestselling author who meets people entangled in unusual romances and their work and life get twisted.

The released chemistry explosion poster raises expectations for the character fever that will be presented by a fresh combination that has never been seen before, from Ryu Seung-Ryong to Oh Nara, Kim Hee-won, Lee Yu-young, Sung Yu-bin, and Mu Jin-Seong.

In the movie, the best-selling author Hyun (played by Ryu Seung-Ryong), his ex-wife Mi-ae (Oh Na-ra), and his teenage son Seong-Gyeong (Sung Yu-bin), who catches the eye with their unstoppable copy of “a family that crosses the line even if they get divorced,” is a family comparable to a blockbuster disaster. Then, in the poster with a copy of “Between crossing the line through secret love”, the different expressions of the three characters, Hyun, Mi-ae, and Soon-mo (Kim Hee-won), show their close relationship and stimulate curiosity.

Hyun, who has been in a slump for 7 years, and Yoo-jin (Moo Jin-Seong), aspiring writer, are in harmony with the provocative copy of “Between writing and crossing the line”, raising curiosity about the delightful chemistry that the main audience will show. Lastly, with a bright expression, Gardener (Lee Yoo-young), who is playing happily with ice cream and a game console, and the appearance of Seong-Gyeong, it is predicted that they will show unpredictable chemistry.

In the teaser, Ryu Seung-Ryong, who is portrayed as the best-selling author Hyun, who is known to all the people, opens a large book and catches the attention of those who see it with his characteristic pleasant eyes. The copy of “Comedy Romance Noir Thriller” placed on the cover of the book stimulates curiosity with the title of the movie “Perhaps Love”.

The unpredictable events that happened to Hyun in the following copy, “The variety of writer’s private life is revealed every day,” are curious about the unpredictable events surrounding him, expectations are even higher.

The role of Mi-ae, Hyun’s ex-wife, will be played by Na-ra Oh, a popular actress who has been greatly loved in dramas such as ‘Racket Boys’, ‘SKY Castle’ and ‘My Mister’. It is expected to imprint Mi-ae’s plump charm, which is more lovely than anyone else in the world to her current lover, Soon-mo, but shows harshness to her ex-husband Hyun.

Hyun’s best friend and publisher Sunmo, Kim Hee-won, completed with delicious acting skills. Kim Hee-won expressed the reversal charm of Sunmo, who is in secret love with Mi-ae, with strong character digestion.

Here, Yoo-young, an actor, plays the mysterious four-dimensional gardener, who is Hyun’s neighbor, and Yu-bin Sung, the expectant owner of Chungmuro. Sung Yu-bin plays the teenage son of Hyun and Mi-ae, Seong-Gyeong. Mu Jin-Seong, who showed an impressive performance in the drama ‘Postpartum Care Center’ and ‘Gumiho Recipe’, is expected to give strength to the unpredictable development of the aspiring genius writer Yoo Jin, who is co-writing with writer Hyun.


  • Movie: Perhaps Love
  • Native Title: 장르만 로맨스
  • Also Known As: Genre Romance, Not the Lips, Jangleuman Romaenseu, Ibsuleun Andwaeyo, 입술은 안돼요
  • Director: Jo Eun Ji
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Release Date: Nov 17, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 53 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older

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