Pelosi spends over $500K on private jets after making ‘moral obligation’ to climate

A Democrat from California claimed she conscientiously reduces her carbon footprint despite spending big money on private air travel.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi openly admitted her campaign paid over $502,000 on private flights since 2020.

Federal Election Commission data confirmed the Nancy Pelosi for Congress campaign paid more than $437,000 to the Virginia-based Advanced Aviation Team, plus a further $65,000 to California-based Clay Lacy Aviation. The two businesses advertise themselves as private jet providers.

The revelation came after the Democrat stressed she had a “moral obligation” to preserve the environment for future generations.

“For me, it is a religious thing: I believe this is God’s creation and we have moral obligation to be good stewards,” she said in an earlier statement.

“What that is about is creating good-paying—it is about health care for our children: clean air [and] clean water,” she added.

Fox News described private jets as “notoriously bad” for the environment because they create greater carbon dioxide emissions per passenger than commercial flights.


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