Hi, I (F) have been working for a while since I finished school, that’s where I met my guy friend, calling him A. He started working months after me and at first I simply thought he was cute so we hung out a bunch of times but nothing really happened. After a while, our relationship started becoming more like friendship than anything else and it was all good and I never thought much of it.

We were at a house party and were playing a drinking game and there was a question about sexting people and he drank. Suddenly my whole mood changed and it made me upset for no reason. I was kind of drunk and the whole night I felt like I wanted everyone else to leave except him and I just wanted to be close to him. Days after I realized I might have feelings for him. However after some time he distanced himself off me. Now I don’t think he knew I liked him because I never made it obvious. Later some time I asked him to hang out and we went out and he told me he started seeing someone and we talked about them and their relationship and we were laughing and had a good time, but despite not being obvious about it, my heart was sinking on each of his words. I was sad he found someone else but happy because he seemed happy. Now, we’re still friends and I still love him but I’ve decided I want to respect his girlfriend and his relationship so I’m planning on never saying anything to him or anyone else about my feelings. Normally, I’ve started to distance myself from him and applied to a bunch of schools out the country because the whole situation makes me sad and confused.

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